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Salutations from Paris

As promised I am keeping my eyes and ears open to the sights of hair and fashion as I visit and revisit new and favorite Parisian haunts such as  Montmartre , The Effiel Tower , and The Arc de Triomphe . These visits have included many Metro rides and a lot of walking.  Parisians and tourists alike are sporting a variety of hats and scarves.  A popular scarf appears to be the striped scarf, tres elegant! Under most chapeaux Parisian hair appears to be strikingly similar to what I see and create myself back home in Oakland, California at Right Angle Salon .  I have noticed more women sporting short hair but what has really caught my attention is the attention to detail for one's entire look from the hat to the boots !  Men, women, and children wear an ensemble that strikes an elegant, coordinated effect.  My husband and I have been asked more than once for help from tourists - perhaps the Parisian look has rubbed off on us as well : )

5 Hairstyles Everyone Should Try At Least Once - Daily Makeover

Happy 2013! Will this be the year you try a new hairstyle or hair color? I am on my way to Europe where I will be blogging about the European styles over the next ten days. I will be scouting out the Paris trends as well as the trends in Brussels and Amsterdam. In the mane time see the link below for a Stateside view of five hairstyles everyone should try at least once....... 5 Hairstyles Everyone Should Try at Least Once We are boarding in five minutes and I'm so excited. It has been a long time since I have been to Europe.  I am traveling with my American passport since I became a citizen in 1995.  I feel so lucky to have grown up in one part of the world and to live in America, especially in California. Stay tuned for updates from across the pond! It's time to board!!

Christmas Chic

It is the busiest month of the year in the salon and I am getting ready to go to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam for my 25th Wedding Anniversary!! Me pre Paris I am so excited!  I grew up in London and believe it or not went to Paris for the first time for a school trip when I was ten years old.  I am so glad my mum and dad said I could go.  I felt so grown up going off to Paris with our headmistress,  Mrs Gibbs, my favorite teacher, Mr Stretton and my school friends.  It was a magical time, seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysee and Nortre Dame for the first time. I like to think that growing up in London and visiting Paris influenced me in my love for the beauty industry and the world of fashion.  London always on the cutting edge and the French always so chic. Speaking of chic I have added a link below for you of 20 holiday styles to view for inspiration! Top 20 Holiday Hairstyles - Daily Makeover Also here is a helpful hint, for a quick day to evening pi

Tis the Beauty Season Tips!

Busy, busy blessed, busy, busy, stressed, busy, crazed, busy, dazed! Must be the holidaze season! My beauty tips for Thanksgiving on my Facebook page were: Smile, breathe, use your products, drink water and remember only your hairdresser knows for sure! My beauty tips for Christmas are as follows: Smile, breathe, use your products, drink water, and remember only your hairdresser knows for sure! Your hairdresser knows that you earned every grey hair on your head. Your hairdresser knows that you miss the long golden locks of your youth, but you do not miss your youth. Your hairdresser knows that you have tales too tender to tell. Your hairdresser knows that your heart bursts with joy and for one hour you can share each and every precious story with us. Tis the season to shop, to eat, to drink to be merry! And tis the season to dress up, product up, backcomb, spray, shine. Tis the season to show off your beautiful self! Life is short, love your hair! Happy Holida

What mum thinks : )

I have to say, it is much easier for me to whip out a haircut than to whip out a blog. The past month was busy, busy with the stuff of life and I did not write my blog three weeks in a row! Then I had blog block!! Carol My mother in law, Carol passed away in mid October.  I was tending my own grief and the grief of my family. Carol lived in the Dallas area of Texas.  I liked my mother in law, we got along well. Many times over the years I cut and highlighted her hair. Carol got a kick out of calling me for "hair advice". She asked me for "her formula" and the name for "her cut" so she could tell her stylist in Dallas, just what she wanted! Along with my mum, Margie, Carol  thought I was the best hairdresser on the planet. They were two of my number one fans! I suspect if they were both alive today and following my blog they would think it was the best blog ever! This one is for you Carol and for you mum. Carol for appreciating a

Don't Be Scared!!!

Fall is in the air and so are fall colors, so if you are worried about changing up your color for the new season don't be, even a tiny change in a haircut or color can be really scary for long-time clients. Recently, several  of my long-time clients have opted for a bit more of a change.  For one of them, we made a change to her haircut.  I showed her a picture and too my surprise she went for it.  Yeah!  It was so rewarding for me to "modernize" her style, less layers, heavier side swept fringe and she let me cut four to five inches off the length. ( I heard it makes her look younger!) Another long-time client, even longer than the first one came in for highlights to blend and disguise her grey.  A natural blond, it was time to refresh and add some depth to her overall hair color. During the consultation she asked, "Could I have some red highlights too?"  Something must be in the air!  Of course, I said "Yes!"  Ta da!  Her color looks great, fresh


In 2006 I wrote this article when I began consulting with Durocher Enterprises , who had recently started working with the medical spa field. Bryan Durocher asked me to write this article for his monthly newsletter, and when I recently found it in some files I thought it would be great to post on my blog.  Today, I am an Independent Business Consultant and this article reminds me of the importance of having personal and professional cheerleaders as we navigate our busy, busy lives. Mentor - a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. One who advises another, especially officially or professionally? To give recommendations to (someone) about a decision or course of action. Men-tee one who is mentored. "It takes a village to raise a child," this popular phrase reminds us that we are all part of a larger community. The salon and spa industry is a worldwide community full of dedicated professionals who nurture people from all walks of life. 

Friendly Reminder

If you don't want to miss out on fabulous hair during the holiday season, now is the time to book your holiday hair appointment.  It is true, busy hairstylists book up fast and smart clients book ahead. It is seven weeks until Thanksgiving and thirteen weeks until Christmas and of course the time will fly by! When I was a salon owner I would coach my staff to remind their clients to prebook each time they left the salon.  It was part of what I called the WOW client experience.  I was a salon owner for sixteen years and I attended tons of classes in both salon management and hairstyling.  My salon survived two economic downturns and I sold it in the most recent recession.  I brought all the knowledge I required to my staff.  My salon meetings were a mix of business skills and salon trends. As the years went by and my staff were younger and younger, I saw more and more eye rolling and more and more success. I credit Bryan Durocher of   Durocher Enterprises , and Deb Hunt of YBN

Autumn Forecast

I was enjoying a short break in a sunny cafĂ© in the middle of a busy hair day, sitting across from my lovely young marketing assistant, Katey. We were discussing my blog and how it is going so far.   Katey said that I should mix it up a bit. Even though I agreed with her I could feel myself becoming self-conscious. Writing is different than standing behind the chair with my trusty scissors in my hand.   In the words of the late Lyal McCaig my first hair mentor, “you're only as good as your last haircut” – is this true of your last blog too? Lyal McCaig was the founder of Capitol Beauty School where I got my first Cosmetology License.   I loved Lyal McCaig. For a man from the Midwest he was very hip, a breath of fresh air for my then twenty something self, recently immigrated to Omaha.   From the streets of London to the streets of Omaha - Lyal was my savior. And I suspect   he liked having a girl from London with punked out hair in his cosmetology school.   Lyal encou

Mirror Mirror

Run towards your life And look in the mirror At your beautiful self along the way I have noticed over the many years that I have stood behind my chair, that one or two of my clients have a bit of a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror, and in that moment my work has begun. My client has made up their mind that there is no hope for a transformation from old to young, plain to pretty, awkward to gallant, no hope for a physical change let alone a nice cut and color. Before and After Make-Over articles are very popular in magazines and in the media.  It is true that I can transform the outward appearance of my individual clients but it is beyond my scope to transform their spirit when they are down in the dumps and having a "bad hair day." Recently, one client sat in my chair with a serious case of the "old and uglies."  I  listened, and listened some more. Then I took a breath. I know more about this client than just her hair.  I know, that like ma

Life is short, love your hair.

Life is short, love your hair. It begins when you look in the mirror and are grateful that you can see. Grateful that you can see the hair you have or not. Feel the skin on your body and scalp. Smell the soap and shampoo in the shower and hear, yes hear the blow dryer. Daily rituals of beauty, we can so easily take for granted. After seventeen years of owning and operating a salon just one block from my home in Old Oakland , I relocated to Right Angle Salon in Rockridge, Oakland. At first I was uncomfortable, it has been a long, long time since I have been the new girl. And just as long a time since I have had a commute, taking BART some days and some days driving the car I share with my husband. One day, shortly after the move I came home with a new hat.   One of the stores between my new salon home and the BART station had sucked me right in.   My husband said “this move could be expensive” and he was right, because shortly thereafter I came home with a

My Hair Story

My very first job, as a Saturday girl was in a small, charming hair salon in North London, England.   Shampooing, sweeping, removing rollers, blow drying and styling, I was in my element at the impressionable age of 13 years old I was hooked. North London was a brilliant place to grow up, a mecca of fashion, music, art and style. I absorbed this smorgasbord of beauty and culture deep into my bones. Here in America I am delighted to blend my English “roots” with my American dream, a nd, much of my American dream has been very wrapped up in the world of beauty.  My instruments include my sissors, my comb, my brushes and products! My days are full of cutting, styling, highlights, lowlights, all over color, a whisper of blond, a shock of bright red, blending and toning greying tresses – my client is my canvas.   In the mirror I see the physical changes my hands create. Yet, I know from many years behind-the-chair as I am witnessing the transformations of my clients, my work is just one