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Across the Pond

HairQueen News Greetings from England! If you haven’t heard, I’m currently in England and will be back in California on August 25th. England, in London, is where I started my hairdressing career as a Saturday girl in a small boutique salon; I feel like I have come full circle.  Whilst in London I will be observing the London fashion and hair trends for inspiration and ideas to bring home to America with me.     In the meantime here is some information about a new trend: the colombré. Trend of the Season We all remember the ombré trend last summer, where the bottom half of the hair is lightened to a blond color, leaving the top half natural.  Ombré hair So now that the ombre trend is officially over, what’s the latest trend for 2015? Thanks to Kylie Jenner, the answer is colombré .  Kylie Jenner Colombré is when you color the bottom half of your hair and leave the top half natural. It’s a quick upgrade for anyone who is still sporting the ombré look.