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My Hair Story

My very first job, as a Saturday girl was in a small, charming hair salon in North London, England.   Shampooing, sweeping, removing rollers, blow drying and styling, I was in my element at the impressionable age of 13 years old I was hooked. North London was a brilliant place to grow up, a mecca of fashion, music, art and style. I absorbed this smorgasbord of beauty and culture deep into my bones. Here in America I am delighted to blend my English “roots” with my American dream, a nd, much of my American dream has been very wrapped up in the world of beauty.  My instruments include my sissors, my comb, my brushes and products! My days are full of cutting, styling, highlights, lowlights, all over color, a whisper of blond, a shock of bright red, blending and toning greying tresses – my client is my canvas.   In the mirror I see the physical changes my hands create. Yet, I know from many years behind-the-chair as I am witnessing the transformations of my clients, my work is just one