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Two Heads are Better Than One

Runs Businesses with Scissors I have noticed as a long time business owner that I need to know how to do a little bit of everything. I need to make sure every aspect of my business is running smoothly, so it's up to me to not only be a skilled hairstylist, but to also be skilled in business management bookkeeping marketing human resources financial operations inventory communications licensing etc. This is why it's so important to diversify your skills, while continuing to hone your specialty skill. For me, my specialty skill is hairstyling. As a business owner, over the years through trial and error and shear determination it turns out I have developed many complementary skills that have helped my businesses be successful.  One of the best decisions I ever made was to hire myself a business consultant many years ago.  My consultant has guided me through many trials and tribulations, successes and failures, celebrations and losses. As artists and entrepren

Love is in the Hair

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Ti's the day we celebrate love.  Whether you have a date or not, it is a good day to try a new "do".  Have you planned what you're going to wear to your romantic date night out or your night in? How are you going to do your hair? Trends of the Season This season's trend is asymmetry. Try a one-sided hairstyle this Valentine's Day! Low Side Bun Loose Side Braid Side Swept Curls Question of the Month Question: If I put coconut oil on my hair, will it fix my split ends? Answer: The only solution to split ends is a haircut. So schedule an appointment for a haircut today! Client Corner One of my recent clients wanted a hair transformation.  We took her from black to purple, purposefully leaving her roots black.  It took over three hours to lighten and then dye her hair purple. Check out these pictures of her that she sent to me with lots of thumbs up from her friends and fami