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What a Wonderful Decade

 HairQueen News It is with joy and a little sorrow that I after a fantastic ten year run I am announcing the closing of Swans Studios. Thank You Swans Studios My lease is up, I’m retired from my full-time career and now it’s time to close my brick-and-mortar business doors. The good news is that 936B Clay Street will reopen under new ownership by Diane Zelaya, my long-time associate and friend.  Congratulations Diane Join me in wishing Diane well in her new business endeavor and me well in this phase of my retirement plan. Don't worry I will continue to do my one-day-a-week V.I.P. Client Day at Diane’s Studios, Bay Vibrant. You can't get rid of me and Never My contact information remains the same. If you would like to rotate into my one-day-a-week schedule call 510-545-2955 or email, or click here to book online.  Happy End of Summer!
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Bad Hair Days Happen In Between The Good Hair Days

 Hairqueen News My transition into retirement continues, it’s a bit like growing out your hair or your hair color.  It’s exciting at first to try something new, but then the reality sets in, your bangs are in your eyes, your grey is showing.  Will you like the new look, will you feel like yourself, will you regret it and go back? The only way to find out is to try. I find in my retired life, like growing out hair there are some bad hair days.  On those days, I miss my color bowls and foils, the sounds and the smells of the salon. And all of you. Yet, I’m grateful that my one-day-a-week schedule continues to be a win, win. I get to see some of you and I get my salon fix.  Just last week I cut a super cute pixie from a bob, (that’s short hair from mid-length hair for those of you not in the know :). This month I've had the chance to review and reduce my inventory. I have some items on sale at 25% off. Come by and shop or contact me for more information.  Swans Studios News I’m

Miss You

HairQueen News The past six months since I stepped into semi-retirement life have flown by! My new schedule of one-day-a-week continues to be working out.  I truly do miss so many of you from my full-time schedule.  There have been times that I have grieved this change and times I pinch myself in gratitude for this change, especially for the time with my granddaughters.  I continue to offer my gray hair transition specialty service. If you or someone you know is ready to embrace their grey, I would love the referral. Check out this article here for more details . For information re my one-day-a-week schedule and for future appointments with me call 510-545-2955 or email, or click here to book online.                                   Swans Studios There are changes in the air at Swans Studios, I am looking for someone to share my studio and for someone to rent our third studio, please pass the word. Here’s a link to the ad on Craigslist. Come Join

Salon Suite Opportunity

HairQueen News Hello, I hope your 2023 is off to a good start! I trust you had a lovely holiday season, seems like an age ago now?  My very best wishes to you for a peaceful and delightful 2023. My holiday season was festive and especially fun with a one year old and a three and half year old, (granddaughters are the best.) I cannot help but marvel at how little time I seemed to have with my new “tip of my scissors schedule”, as I prepped for the holidays and wrapped up the year for Swans Studios.  Its true retirement life is a busy life. My new schedule of one-day-a-week is working out so far.  I do miss so many of you from my full-time schedule.   I know you are in good hands. I appreciate the love, on-going support and good wishes. Swans Studios News I am now looking for a new person to join Swans Studios. I would to find someone wonderful to share my studio since I am no longer there full-time and it’s an amazing place to work. If you know any hair stylists, ready f

Retirement Life

HairQueen News On October 1 2022 after 40 plus years of working full-time I stepped way-back from the salon chair and way-into retirement life.   As the date grew closer, I was and still am all over the place with so many feelings and uncertainties about how to navigate this next stage. To mark the occasion of my retirement I had a wonderful party, please see the previous blog, Endings and Beginnings.  Next, I went on a celebratory trip which included a week sailing the Atlantic Ocean on the Queen Mary 2.  So exciting! Crossing the Atlantic Ocean Gala Time Upon my return I am turning my attention to what it means to be an older, wiser, experienced, master of my trade.  As space in my life opens up I will take the opportunity to grow Swans Studios, to mentor, coach and consult within and beyond the salon industry. With more free time I will enjoy my granddaughters, my family, friends and hobbies. I know from many of you that the retired life is a busy life and I am grateful t

Endings and Beginnings

HairQueen News: I celebrated a big milestone, forty years of being a hairstylist and 25 years as a business owner. I was planning to completely retire but then I decided to keep the “tip of my scissors” in for a while longer. This decision means I am free to step into a new phase of life as I gradually let go of my wonderful salon career. We had a party — it was fantastic! I loved every minute. My heart overflowed as my clients, colleagues, and family helped me mark this major career milestone.                                                                                                                                                                 We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we sang, we reminisced. Stories were shared, it was so lovely! 🥰 Thank you for all the memories. Thank you for helping me celebrate. To contact me: email or call 510-545-2955

The Tip Of My Scissors

HairQueen News: I hope these summer days are finding you in good health and spirits as we navigate this current stage of pandemic life. I am staying healthy and hopeful as our lives adjust to the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic and the latest BA.4 and BA.5 viruses.  I am grateful that my granddaughters have received the vaccine and hopeful for all of us as we move towards herd immunity. The summer days are lovely and long and yet I am aware that I am rapidly approaching my full-time retirement date of October 1 2022! Time to put my feet up 😉 As the date gets closer, I am all over the place with so many feelings and uncertainties about how to navigate this next stage. What does this mean for you?    It means I will no longer have appointments available for a full-time clientele.   And, I am planning on keeping the tip off my scissors in the studio.  I will continue to do exclusive haircutting and grey transition services.  This will allow me to stick to a post retirement one-day a week s