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The Tip Of My Scissors

HairQueen News: I hope these summer days are finding you in good health and spirits as we navigate this current stage of pandemic life. I am staying healthy and hopeful as our lives adjust to the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic and the latest BA.4 and BA.5 viruses.  I am grateful that my granddaughters have received the vaccine and hopeful for all of us as we move towards herd immunity. The summer days are lovely and long and yet I am aware that I am rapidly approaching my full-time retirement date of October 1 2022! Time to put my feet up 😉 As the date gets closer, I am all over the place with so many feelings and uncertainties about how to navigate this next stage. What does this mean for you?    It means I will no longer have appointments available for a full-time clientele.   And, I am planning on keeping the tip off my scissors in the studio.  I will continue to do exclusive haircutting and grey transition services.  This will allow me to stick to a post retirement one-day a week s
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Digging Deep Again

HairQueen News: March is here and brings with it more twists and turns for me and my businesses.   My wonderful virtual assistant, Rebecca, needs to step back from her client load. I have throughly enjoyed working with Rebecca and I wish her well. I met Rebecca through Freedom Makers , a company founded by my client and friend, Laura. We met through Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC)  when we both attended an ICCC course in Oakland.  I was one of Laura’s first clients and I have been thrilled to watch her company grow over the years.    And Laura is one of my clients. Here's a throwback before and after photo of Laura, she has a great head of hair! I learned many years ago that I needed assistance with my businesses so that I can focus on the parts of the businesses that I do well.   Over the years, I have had salon assistants, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, accountants, sales representatives, business coaches and mentors to help me run my abundant, thriving businesses t

My Bout With Omicron

Hair Queen News Thank you all for your kind words regarding my retirement later this year. I had hoped to make it to my retirement without too many bumps along the way. Ha! I was exposed to Covid and boom! The Omicron variant got me, my husband, and maybe little Never.    My husband, Michael and I followed all the CDC and Kaiser guidelines. We isolated, quarantined, rested, read, hydrated, recuperated, cancelled, and rescheduled our lives.  We had mild symptoms and thankfully nobody we were close to before our diagnosis tested positive, including our grandchildren. Little Never had an upset tummy so I wonder if she had a little canine version of Covid. I thought everyone I knew was really careful, including me, but I got it somewhere, so maybe not.  I did not receive a notification that I had been exposed, it remains a mystery. Enough about Covid! How are you? I know some of you have also been dealing with Covid. This past January I had more than one cancellation due to the virus. We&#

2022 News

Hairqueen News It's 2022! I am now in my 40th and last year of hairstyling! I went to Cosmetology School in 1982 and I will be retiring this September.  This is the current plan, although if we have learned anything since March 2020, it's that anything can derail the best laid plans. What does this mean for you? It means we have until September to keep you looking fabulous and, after September, we’ll find you someone great to keep you coiffed.   In other news, I am now in my 25th year of salon ownership! Swans Studios will be nine in August and I owned Topps Salon Day Spa for sixteen years before Swans.  Cheers for 25 years! Some of you have been my clients since the 1980s and some of you became clients more recently. Thank you all for your continued patronage and support, particularly during this pandemic time we're living through.  Swans Studios News Thank you especially for all your help and encouragement regarding the current vacancy at Swans Studios. Many of you have t

Happy Holidays

HairQueen News Last December, salons were closed. Then came 2021 and all it entailed.  I'm so grateful the salon is open now! Photo credit: Tim Mossholder We got our vaccines, stylists continued to work masked, clients stayed masked. Professionally, my love for hair and you, my clients, got me through. What a relief to be fully vaccinated! On the personal side, I became a Glamma again!  Isla, her new little sister, Pali Lu, plus my family and friends got me through the rest of it all. Isla and Pali Lu What helped you get through this past year? Is it the booster, the chance to gather with friends and family, the opportunity to begin to travel again, or maybe just the ability to breathe a little easier? All of these are true for me.   Swans Studios News I am still looking for a new person to join Swans Studios. I made the decision that Swans Studios is a vaccine-only environment, this is why the space is open. It has been many years since I have had an opening. Before Covid,

Gratitude Cards and Letters

 HairQueen News In November 2020, I took this photo of beautiful cards and letters I received during the six-month-long shutdown of the salon industry.  I intended to write about them at the time and express my deep gratitude for the overwhelming support each one of these correspondences represented. I imagine, sometimes, that happens to you as well...your best laid plans get sidetracked and you think, "I'll do it later." Here we are one year later and what a year it has been! Cards of support and encouragement from my wonderful clients. I have kept the cards and letters on my desk since they started arriving during the early days of the pandemic.   What mementos do you have from those early days?  What helped to keep your spirits up in the midst of all the unknowns and uncertainties? I'd love to know. How are you doing now?   I am okay.  I had a difficult business decision to make and now I need your help.   I have an open suite and I am looking for a new person to j

Lovely Autumn, Blues and Updos

Hairqueen News Are you giddy about starting to attend events?  Are you going to entertainment venues and celebrations with friends and family? Are you thinking about changing your hair to surprise yourself and those around you? Let's talk at your next appointment. I can't wait to talk during your next appointment. Are ready for a few peek-a-boo bold highlights in electric blue or orchid pink?   Bold highlights are a fun, easy way to change your look. Or, are you ready to learn a new way to style your long hair for the holidays? Looking for new ways to style your long hair? I'd love to help!   I recently provided both of these services for two of my long time clients. It was so much fun and gave them (and me!) a little boost of creativity and joy. Looking for more hair inspiration this autumn? Check out this article on the latest hair trends. New seasons bring new changes, a lot of them are welcome this year. I'm grateful I can spend more time with friends and family thi