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Change is in the "HAIR" - Take Two!

I was walking my dog Never (named Never because I said I would never get another dog) in the courtyard of Swans Market recently when I noticed that the space below my home was vacant. I thought to myself I could put my consulting office there. So, after long consideration and planning, I’ve decided to put my consulting business office, along with three private hair studios, in the vacant space. Never say Never! Therefore, change is in the “hair” once again! I am so excited to announce Swans Studios located at 936 B Clay Street in the courtyard of the Swans Market building in Old Oakland.    I have loved my time in Rockridge but now it is time again for a new chapter. For my hair clients, your appointments will remain the same but I will see you at my new location at Swans Studios. Clients may still reach me via email at and you will still be able to book your appointments at   Also, I have a website now! Please vis