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Summer Fun

Hair q ueen News Summer is finally here! It's already been hectic, busy and fun both at home and at Swans Studios! I want to start first by sharing some upcoming trips I'm taking so please book your appointments ahead. I plan to go to Portland in August, England in September & Santa Cruz on various weekends. Appointments fill up so contact me soon.  In fact it's not too early to think about booking for the fall and around the holidays, they will be here before we know it! In the meantime I hope you are enjoying the warm weather and the longer evenings of summer.  I love the light mornings as well, it certainly makes it easier to get up and go swimming, my choice of exercise these days.  I love the feel of the water and the opportunity to mediate as I do my laps and think about my day ahead.  Of course I use chlorine removing shampoo after my swim and lots of conditioner to keep my salt and pepper hair happy and healthy.  (See below for more summer hair hints.)

When In Roma

Rome - Celio Hair q ueen News A week in Rome was just what the hair doctor ordered.  It was a glorious week of unplugging from everyday life and immersing myself in the sites, sounds, smells and tastes of Roma! My husband Michael and I walked over 10,000 steps a day navigating the cobbled streets, piazzas, ruins, restaurants, shops and tourist destinations. Everywhere I went I looked at heads of hair and clothing styles that would inspire me and pump up my creative juices for my return home. I have to say I felt at home in Roma, my formative years as an English girl were fed from deep within my bones and I loved it. I returned home with fresh ideas and my muscles of creativity and inspiration well exercised. Come see me and we'll add a little Roma to your Spring Look! We toured Fendi Headquarters! Before and After My son-in-law was ready for a new look.  Check out my Intstagram @SVHHairqueen on my profile under Dez cut and see the

February Love

Hair q ueen News Confessions of a Hairstylist People always ask me if my legs hurt, "they don't".   It is not the standing that's the hard part about being a hairstylist, it is a lot of other things but definitely not the standing.   Some days it's the juggling of my appointment book to accommodate my clients' schedules and my own schedule.   Some days it's the heartache of listening to a client's desire to have a haircut, hairstyle or hair color that truly will not work for them and doing my best to recommend a look that is perfect for them in this moment in their life.   Some days it's the heartache of listening to a client share the challenges in their lives: the losses, betrayals, disappointments, hurts, fears, failures and illnesses. I see this and more in the mirror, in the curve of their back, in their clenched hands. To know that I cannot fix it but maybe I can make it a bit better for now. Some days it's

The Top Of The Head

Hairqueen News:   As I begin my 34th year as a Hair Stylist and my 22nd year as a brick and mortar Business Owner, I am filled with a mixture of doubt and pride! I am proud of my accomplishments and yet I wonder have I, did I, will I ever do or be, good enough? There is an Irish saying, "The man at the top of the mountain did not fall there". On my good days I am so happy at Swans Studios. I love the look and feel of Swans, the mixture of the independent and collegial culture. I am humbled by my appointment book of long time clients and new clients. The honor of serving my book of business fills me with a deep sense of creative and human satisfaction.  On my bad days I wonder if I could or should do things differently? I am afraid of becoming stale, jaded, stuck and just as afraid of falling behind as the styles and business practices change. Can I or will I stay up with the trends behind-the-chair and as a business owner? When will I be at the top of my moun