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Life Is Short Love Your Hair

I'd love you to answer the questions below: When in your lifetime have you liked your hair the best? If there was one thing you could alter about your hair today, what would that be? What shampoos, conditioners and styling products are you currently using? How much time and investment are you willing and able to spend on your hair today? Why do I ask these questions? I ask them to find out what your needs are for your hair and why and then I can recommend solutions tailored to you. I do this because I love to do hair and I want you to love how you look and how your hair feels. February is the month of love. Do you love your hair, would you like to love your hair? Let's talk soon! Email: Call/Text: 510-545-2955 Book Online:

2020 Hair Goals

Hair we are in 2020! I am back behind-the-chair after a wonderful winter break.   And I have to say how rewarding it is after all these years to continue to love my craft.   I am truly grateful and humbled at the joy my work continues to give me and truly appreciate each and every one of you. January is a time for resolutions and taking stock.   For me this is the year that I will turn 60! I am so excited to reach this milestone. Many of my friends, family and clients have already reached this milestone and so far everyone seems to be handling it very well.   There’s the odd moan about how old one looks and occasional remarks about slowing down and this ailment and that aliment but mostly people are delighted and grateful to be enjoying the honor of aging. How do we age gracefully?   How do we stay interested in new ideas?   How do we let go of what no longer serves us?   How do we know we are enough? There are days that it is hard to love how we look,