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My Stylist Cuts, Blogs, Coaches and Consults

Hair q ueen News I cut, blog, coach and consult. I do this because I have lots of experience, and I enjoy hair, business, and writing. This is my 35th year in the salon industry.  I am at a stage in life that all of my peers are retiring.  This is a stage in life that is unknown to me just like the beginning stage of my career was a mystery to me all those years ago. When I started in the salon business everyone was on commission, professional products and social media were non-existent, and a lot of clients smoked.  Today, there are many different business models, a myriad of products, all sorts of social media platforms and many clients do not smoke. There is something magical about the salon. It is a place of change, relaxation, inspiration, laughter and beauty.  It can also be challenging, stressful, chaotic, loud and quite draining.  After 35 years of experiencing probably just about everything as a hairstylist and business owner, I reckon I have earned the equivalent