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What mum thinks : )

I have to say, it is much easier for me to whip out a haircut than to whip out a blog. The past month was busy, busy with the stuff of life and I did not write my blog three weeks in a row! Then I had blog block!! Carol My mother in law, Carol passed away in mid October.  I was tending my own grief and the grief of my family. Carol lived in the Dallas area of Texas.  I liked my mother in law, we got along well. Many times over the years I cut and highlighted her hair. Carol got a kick out of calling me for "hair advice". She asked me for "her formula" and the name for "her cut" so she could tell her stylist in Dallas, just what she wanted! Along with my mum, Margie, Carol  thought I was the best hairdresser on the planet. They were two of my number one fans! I suspect if they were both alive today and following my blog they would think it was the best blog ever! This one is for you Carol and for you mum. Carol for appreciating a