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Tis Summer

HairQueen News It’s July, and that means it’s officially summer! Before you head to the beach or spend hours swimming in the pool, make sure you’ve taken care of your hair. The summer months can cause a lot of damage to your hair if you’re not careful, but a little extra time spent of your hair before you head outside can make a world of difference. Summer Hair Care Tips Wear a cute hat while you're outside. It's easy, protects your hair, and looks great! Use the warm sun to naturally dry your hair instead of using a heated hair dryer A fun trick is to mix a little conditioner and water into a spray bottle and spritz you hair before heading to the pool. This will prevent your hair from absorbing the chlorine or salt water! Use a swimming cap while in the pool to protect your hair from the chlorine After you get out of the pool, be sure to use chlorine-removing shampoo The easiest way to keep your hair hydrated is to keep your body hydrated, so don’t f