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Spreading Holiday Shears

Hairqueen News:   December is in full swing, it is that time of year once more, parties and gatherings and holiday fun!! For hairstylists it is our busiest season professionally and personally.  A month of hairspray, glamour, champagne and delicious holiday treats!  Once Thanksgiving is over we are off and running! Speaking of Thanksgiving I truly hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year we hosted 17 guests including us.  I loved breaking bread with my family and friends.  We were able to host banquet style in our common house, (one of the advantages of living in a co housing community). Grateful for this lot! Just before Thanksgiving I returned from a business trip to NYC. where I completed my program with Inner City Capital Connections, ICCC.  It was amazing and exhausting all at the same time. I am setting it all aside during the holiday season and will pick it back up in 2018, stay tuned for updates. I am delighted that my salon calendar is booked up