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Here We Go Again

Hairqueen News Sitting not standing for now Here we go again, we are in another shut down ordered by the County of Alameda Public Health Department, for more information click here: If you have an appointment with me this month I have or I will contact you. We received the news earlier this week and  I needed a day or two to grapple with this latest set back for the salon  industry.   With rising cases and hospitals at risk of being overrun I understand the need for all of us to reduce our footprint and stay home. I appreciate your tremendous patronage and support especially this past year. We will open again in 2021. Stay healthy and safe and care for one another.   To book future appointments, purchase products or gift cards: Visit this site again soon and I will be posting some of the before and afters I created during the time that I was re-opened.  Here's a couple of sneak peeks: Before  After This lovely client