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Should I Do This?

HairQueen News: Should I, a hairstylist and small business owner of over thirty years, "do" social media? "They" say we should, but quite honestly with my hours behind the chair, the time it takes to run my businesses, and the desire to have a decent work, life balance I question the if, what, how, why and when of social media. If I post, or Madison, my marketing assistant posts a picture, a quote, an article, are we helping anyone?  I'd like to think we are. What should we post? Before and after pictures, hairstyling and/or business tips, product news...or do people already have enough resources for this information? How should I post, how often, where...Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn? Why should I post? For me, for you, for the public? When should I post? Does the time of day, the day of the week matter? This is what I am thinking about as Winter winds down and Spring begins..... I'd love your feedback on th