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Spring into Style!

Spring Hair Trends
Are you trying to stay on trend with the Spring hairstyles for 2014? From the Met Gala to the Cannes Film Festival, celebrities are sporting the latest in hair trends. Here are just a few to inspire you and your style!

Sleek buns Are you going out on the town with a knock out dress? Wearing a statement necklace that needs to Work the sleek bun look to pull the focus to your outfit and make the best part of your look stand out! 

Braids The braid is back in a huge way. The everyday woman may not have a red carpet to work it on but a braid is a great way to look like you made an effort without making it look like you tried too hard. Whether you are hitting the beach for the first time this year or attending a backyard barbeque, a loose braid is a sexy, flirty way to look pulled together, yet still casual!

Statement Accessories Want to stand out while still keeping it simple and low maintenance? Rock a LBD with a statement hair accessory and draw people's attentio…

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