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Gray Has It.

Hair Queen News My wonderful daughter said to me recently, "mum you should make your blog more about your clients", she's right, but that is harder than it sounds. However, I am going to make a valiant effort to do that and I need your help. What would you like too see in this blog, what would you like to read about? But before you answer, I do want to make sure that if you did not already see the article that I mentioned in my last post, here it is.  ‘ Rise and Shine in Silver ’.  Sorry but I just could not resist re posting.  It was an interview by  Sophia Markoulankis of the San Francisco Chronicle, Style Section about the decision to embrace natural gray hair color. Gray hair is all over the news these days, there is the Granny Gray trend for young people choosing to go gray, can you imagine? Click this link to see photos of this trend,   Granny Gray Hair Trend Then even more shocking is the trend for men,  Silver Foxes , mmmm, men are