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Masked Hairstylist

If you have a hairstylist in your #shelterinplace life, lucky you can get a haircut! And the lucky hairstylist can do a trial run for what it will be like to return to the salon. I did this with my handsome husband, Michael. What will it be like to get a haircut again? How will we protect you?  How do we protect ourselves and keep everthing sanitized and safe and creative?  We will need masks, gloves, sanitizer, barbicide, patience and flexibility. I wore a mask and so did Michael I asked him to sanitize his hands upon arrival I wore gloves for the consultation, haircut and checkout As I did the consultation, he was still masked For the shampoo, I had him remove his mask, I wore mine I did the haircut, still no mask on him I applied styling products with the gloves on - that was not great And of course for the payment* I will need to have a way to sanitize the screen on my iPad unless the clients have Apple Pay, Venmo or Zelle *I let hubby pay me with a kiss

Staying in Touch

Hairqueen Help: How can I help you as we navigate our stay in place order? I hope that you feel comfortable making the best decision you need to make for yourself re the care of your hair.  Self care is critical and that is even more true today. I am available for a phone call or by zoom to help you with ideas on how to look good and feel good.  You can contact me directly:  Email me at  or call me at 510-545-2955. In the meantime keeping up regular shampooing and conditioning, especially conditioning as your ends are more damaged and drier and in need of a trim.   Speaking of trims and haircuts, if you are tempted to trim your own fringe or ends remember a little snip is probably going to take more off than you think.  Trim cautiously, ok? For haircolor clients: use zigzag partings to help disguise the re-growth use eye shadow that is close to your colour- you can brush it on the parting to help soften the line of demarca

We must style with the times!

HairQueen Help Dear Clients and Friends, I know it is hard to wait for your postponed salon appointments and we miss you so much! I took some pictures of my hair with velcro rollers to give you a visual that I hope helps you during #stayhome. I encourage you to get out your velcro and/or hot rollers and have fun.  (This is best for freshly shampooed hair, but you can throw them in on day two as well.) Shampoo and condition hair Towel dry gently Add styling product Section hair and blow dry with a round brush or vent brush if it's easier for you Add velcro rollers or hot rollers and leave in for up to 30 minutes Remove rollers and run fingers thru hair for a soft hold Enjoy feeling coiffed Contact me if you have questions and or need help. Bonus , properly styled hair will last for several days! Here I am on day two. I did not reset my hair, but you could for more volume.  First, spritz with a leave in conditioner or styling mist.  Do not use water.  I re