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February Love

Hair q ueen News Confessions of a Hairstylist People always ask me if my legs hurt, "they don't".   It is not the standing that's the hard part about being a hairstylist, it is a lot of other things but definitely not the standing.   Some days it's the juggling of my appointment book to accommodate my clients' schedules and my own schedule.   Some days it's the heartache of listening to a client's desire to have a haircut, hairstyle or hair color that truly will not work for them and doing my best to recommend a look that is perfect for them in this moment in their life.   Some days it's the heartache of listening to a client share the challenges in their lives: the losses, betrayals, disappointments, hurts, fears, failures and illnesses. I see this and more in the mirror, in the curve of their back, in their clenched hands. To know that I cannot fix it but maybe I can make it a bit better for now. Some days it's