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Hair grows and so do we...

Inch by Inch Laura Renner, owner and founder of Freedom Makers was in recently for a trim.  Laura is growing out her hair to donate it.  See our November 15th Blogg where we featured Laura and her business. Laura is on her way to donating her hair in 2020 Following this most recent appointment Laura asked me to join her on her Facebook Live News Feed.  So, of course I said yes.  Watch our impromptu live update on YouTube or Facebook and tell us what you think! It was a stretch for me to jump into an on the spot live chat but hey this is how we grow by trying new things. What have you tried lately that was a stretch for you? In 2020, I would like to do more video work and share my experience, strengths, and hope as a hairstylist and small business owner.  It takes all three; from humble beginnings, to building skills, to maintaining hope for a good, good career each and every day. Grateful to have you on the journey with me. For hair and/or coaching appointments

When Your Aunt is a Hairstylist...

New Job - New Look! My niece Samantha moved to San Francisco from Plano, Texas to work for LinkedIn.  ( Let's connect on LinkedIn !) Like everyone who moves, Sam needed to find a new hairdresser to cut her hair. Lucky for Sam, she has me 😄. Sam pulled up her Pinterest and showed me pins that she had put on a board of hairstyles that she liked. ( See what I'm liking on Pinterest ...) Even though Sam had pins to show me, I did my usual consultation that I do with all my clients. I asked my questions, in order to understand Sam’s preferences and goals for her own personal look. Question One: When in your lifetime have you liked your hair the best? Question Two: If there was one thing about your hair that you could alter, what would that be? Question Three: How much time and investment are you willing to put into your hair? Question Four: What shampoos, conditioner, and styling products do you use? Sam's answers helped me to create a new look for her,

Hairqueen News

Monday, November 11 th was Veterans Day and my virtual assistant, Erin, is a military spouse.  I hired Erin through Freedom Makers, a veteran owned company who employs military spouses to provide excellent, customized service to small business owners.  Freedom Makers also aims to support military spouses and their families by creating a path to stable, uninterrupted employment and income.   The ups and downs of uninterrupted employment and income; gosh do I understand that one. For my entire adult career I have been self-employed and sometimes it can be a roller coaster, and sometimes smooth sailing. There is great freedom in being self-employed but it is not for the faint of heart. The continuous attention one must pay to keeping the river of income flowing takes time and commitment, it's the not so sexy part. One of the ways that it is easier for me to be a self-employed person is too have a great network of other business owners to collaborate with and who'

November Promotion

Grateful To You Thank you, thank you, thank you for shopping with me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for shopping local wherever and whenever you can. Your in-store purchases help us, the small business owner, to make part of our profit on goods as well as on services.  Those dollars are the dollars that help us when services are cancelled or rescheduled, when we take time off to be with family and friends, when an unexpected bill comes in or an unexpected repair is needed, believe me those dollars help, a lot. Besides helping us those in-store purchases help you because we can recommend the appropriate products for the need of your hair today.  We take classes and meet with our reps to keep up to date on the professional products that we carry in-store. It is frustrating for us that the products we carry are sold on Amazon and in department stores when the salon product companies work hard to eliminate diversion. We cannot compete with Amazon but we can offer mo