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Summer Lovin'

Story of the Month   I'm so excited for Swans Studios very own Tim Piper for being named one of the Best of the Bay Barbers! Check out page 97 in the San Francisco Magazine Best of the Bay issue ! Tim is known for his amazing ability to re-create classic looks as well as giving clients the royal treatment. I'm so excited and proud of our amazing Swans Studios team!   Hair Queen News With so many people coming and going on vacation I wanted to remind everyone of a few easy summer hair care tips to keep your locks looking great by the pool, on the beach, or being active on a bike ride or hike. Summer Hair Care Tips Wear a cute hat or cap to protect your hair and scalp from too much sun. Let your hair air dry instead of a heated hair dryer. Put a little conditioner and water in a spray bottle and wet your hair before getting into the pool to help your hair absorb less chlorine or salt water. Use leave in conditioner on the ends of