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County Update

We Wait  Dear Clients and Friends, We wait.  I miss you, I am doing all I can to return to my business and you. See you soon! The State has approved indoor hair services the County has not. As soon as I have the green light I will open my door and reopen my appointment book.  In the meantime if you have an up coming appointment I will contact you. Once we reopen it will be a new normal - You will arrive with hair freshly shampooed for a haircut service Masks on at all times Temperature check upon arrival Hand sanitation upon arrival Bring only what you need with you No blowdrying Touch less payments All high touch services, implements and tools will be sanitized prior and following all services I have talked with some of you and I hear your concerns and about health and safety.  I am PPE ready.  A big part of the Cosmetology Exam is Sanitation.  And like you I am cautious about my own health and safety.  We will work together for our combined health, safety and beauty. I look forward t

Reopening Update

  Dear Clients and Friends, I worried so much about taking a month of this summer to celebrate turning sixty, little did I know that my business would be closed for over five months and that I would become an expert on all things financial from grants to loans and gifts and more. I did not go away for a month but I did go away for five glorious days for my birthday.   I soaked in the sun, the ocean breeze and set aside my worry for a brief while. Now I am home and back to advocating for getting salons open in California. On Tuesday August 11, I joined a rally at the State Capitol.   Salon professionals came from far and wide to rally togeth er.   Click here to see the press coverage. There are rallies almost daily now, all over the state. On Monday August 17, salons   will   open for one day in protest and I will join the movement. Following August 17, I do not know what will happen but I do know that I am fed up and ready to return to work. Of course, with all the necessary sanitatio