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Break Out of Your Comfort Zone!

HairQueen News   Are you in a hairstyle rut? Is the length of your hair the same as it was a year ago? Are you rocking the same color that you did 10 years ago? Perhaps you are in a style rut. It happens from time to time. We get used to a routine and time slips away from us. As the new season is here, now is a great time to refresh your look and step out of your comfort zone. It can be hard to change, especially a drastic one, but we all need to keep it new and fresh every once in a while. I challenge you to try something new the next time you are in the salon. Whether its a new color, a shorter length, or a new sweepy bang look, try something new to go along with the new season of Spring!   Product of the Month With your new look you may need a new product to help you maintain your style. With that in mind, all my gels, mousses, waxes, and pomades will be 10% off through April and May.      Runs Businesses with Scissors In business it would be great if everyth