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Digging Deep Again

HairQueen News:

March is here and brings with it more twists and turns for me and my businesses.  

My wonderful virtual assistant, Rebecca, needs to step back from her client load. I have throughly enjoyed working with Rebecca and I wish her well.

I met Rebecca through Freedom Makers, a company founded by my client and friend, Laura. We met through Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) when we both attended an ICCC course in Oakland. 

I was one of Laura’s first clients and I have been thrilled to watch her company grow over the years.   

And Laura is one of my clients. Here's a throwback before and after photo of Laura, she has a great head of hair!

I learned many years ago that I needed assistance with my businesses so that I can focus on the parts of the businesses that I do well.  

Over the years, I have had salon assistants, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, accountants, sales representatives, business coaches and mentors to help me run my abundant, thriving businesses through all the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life.  

It is humbling and inspiring to look back and, as I look forward to wrapping up my salon career, I feel sad and proud at the same time.

More than once during my forty-year career I have had to dig deep to keep going and, the truth is, I have to do that right now.

I need to decide if I want to replace Rebecca and I need to rent my empty studio.  

Replacing Rebecca means training someone new and getting them up-to-speed with my social media and marketing needs. 

Renting the studio appears to need a miracle. Since the space has been empty, I have met with a few potenial people, I have been ghosted, insulted and more.  I have never seen a market like this for my industry, it is troubling and it is what it is.  The right person is out there somewhere, I will keep looking and waiting and doing what it takes to find the next Swans Studios salon industry professional.

This is an email I received in response to my ad and the vaccination requirement:

"Wow. That’s very confusing. Because, there is absolutely no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated! Both can get the virus, end up in the hospital and all the other risk factors. That is discrimination and you should be ashamed of yourself and your company promoting such a thing that doesn’t even work! You are blind, open up your 👀 so you can see because it’s clear that you are being fooled!"

I am not ashamed of my myself or my company. I am very proud that I successfully navigated the pandemic shut down and the challenges of the following months. I am confident that my vaccination requirement is a solid decision. These are unprecedented times and I trust that the right person will lease the space when they find us.  We are not a fit for everyone and everyone is not a fit for us.

Our troubles truly pale in comparison to the troubles in the Ukraine, this much I know is true.

Please send good vibes, come in for a haircut, send possible tenants my way, stay well, be safe, and thank you for your continued support!  

If you know someone who might be interested in my studio, please tell them to contact me. My 

cell is 510-545-2955 or they can email me at

For future appointments call 510-545-2955, email, or click here to book online. 

Special Offers

Embrace the new season, try a new product!

Discount applies until the end of April.

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