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Returning To The Salon

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Returning to the Salon

It can be nerve racking to return to the salon, you want to feel safe as you get your haircut and or colored. 

I want you to feel safe and we are all in this together.  

And as I post this Alameda County is moving back into the purple tier on 11/18/20, salons will remain open with the restrictions listed below.

These are the Covid-19 guidelines for Salons from the Alameda Public County Health Department Website, updated on October 7 2020.

Implement safety measures for clients, including:

3.3.1. Clients must wear face coverings that attach with ear-loops in order to avoid interfering with services.

3.3.2. Provide a clean smock or cape for each client.

3.3.3. If appropriate for the service, ask clients to come to their appointments with freshly cleaned hair to minimize appointment time.

3.3.4. Consider temporarily eliminating services that require lengthy time of blow-drying.

3.3.5. Hair and barber service providers must not see multiple clients at once (e.g., while one client’s hair is drying, another receives a haircut). Services for one client must be completed before a new client is seen by the same hair and barber service provider.

Swans Studios survived the 24 week shut down, given the circumstances it is all going quite well.  

Now that it is colder outside so you may want to wait in your car until your actual appointment time.  

Please text, 510-545-2955 to announce that you are here. 

Please do not arrive more than a minute or two early, I need time between appointments for implementing all the sanitation steps.

I have adjusted my appointment booking to accommodate both the services and sanitation times. I may need to adjust the start of booked appointments to utilize the hours in my schedule to accommodate as many of you as possible and to keep us all safe.  Thank you for understanding, your flexibility is greatly appreciated.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or appointment needs at 510-545-2955 

or email me at

In gratitude, 


Keep wearing those masks!


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