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Dear Clients and Friends,

Please help.

In Alameda County my industry has been extremely hard hit by Covid-19.  

On Monday June 29 I spoke with both the Alameda County Public Health Department, ACPHD and the Professional Beauty Association, PBA.  Both of these organizations confirmed the complex challenges that hairstylists, barbers, manicurists and estheticians are facing as we approach four months of being closed.

Technicians want and need to work, clients want and need services.  It is no surprise that the underground, back yard, secret salon services exist and are increasing in numbers.

Most salon owners and technicians, including myself, refuse to participate in the aforementioned scenario, however, we do understand the necessity for some of making money during a time like this.  

Sadly many technicians do not have resources or documentation to qualify for resources.  Also many salons operated on an extremely small profit margin at best.

How can you help?

Please contact the ACPHD via phone or email and request that they allow all Cosmetologists and Barbers to return to work. 

Let them know that you support our industry and trust the sanitation systems we already have in place for the health and safety of all. And that you agree to any sanitation updates we implement due to Covid-19.

Please let them know that you are aware of the underground services and are concerned that underground services actually put the general public at a higher percentage of risk than a controlled sanitary environment.

Here is the contact information:  Help us flood them with our request.

Phone: 510-268-2101


Thank you so much for your help.  Please pass this on to anyone else you think might be able to help us.

As always feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.



Email:  or 

Call me at 510-545-2955


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