Friday, November 29, 2019

Hair grows and so do we...

Inch by Inch

Laura Renner, owner and founder of Freedom Makers was in recently for a trim.  Laura is growing out her hair to donate it.  See our November 15th Blogg where we featured Laura and her business.

Laura is on her way to donating her hair in 2020
Following this most recent appointment Laura asked me to join her on her Facebook Live News Feed.  So, of course I said yes.  Watch our impromptu live update on YouTube or Facebook and tell us what you think!

It was a stretch for me to jump into an on the spot live chat but hey this is how we grow by trying new things.

What have you tried lately that was a stretch for you?

In 2020, I would like to do more video work and share my experience, strengths, and hope as a hairstylist and small business owner.  It takes all three; from humble beginnings, to building skills, to maintaining hope for a good, good career each and every day.

Grateful to have you on the journey with me.

For hair and/or coaching appointments contact me at:

Call/Text: 510-545-2955

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