Friday, November 15, 2019

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Monday, November 11th was Veterans Day and my virtual assistant, Erin, is a military spouse.  I hired Erin through Freedom Makers, a veteran owned company who employs military spouses to provide excellent, customized service to small business owners. 

Freedom Makers also aims to support military spouses and their families by creating a path to stable, uninterrupted employment and income. 

The ups and downs of uninterrupted employment and income; gosh do I understand that one. For my entire adult career I have been self-employed and sometimes it can be a roller coaster, and sometimes smooth sailing.

There is great freedom in being self-employed but it is not for the faint of heart. The continuous attention one must pay to keeping the river of income flowing takes time and commitment, it's the not so sexy part.

One of the ways that it is easier for me to be a self-employed person is too have a great network of other business owners to collaborate with and who's services I can trust to help me keep my businesses on track.

One of my trusted colleagues is Laura Renner,  the Founder and Owner of Freedom Makers. We met through NAWBO, the National Association Of WomenBusiness Owners. 

Later we both participated in a program run by ICCC, Inner City Capital Connections, and became supporters of each other's businesses. 

It's fun and rewarding to talk business with other women business owners and to know that they understand the joys and challenges of the life of the entrepreneur.

Since Laura and I met I have also been her hairstylist.  These days we are growing her out so that she can donate it to a charity that makes wigs for children.

Here is a collage of the past few haircuts on this hair journey...

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