Monday, March 9, 2015

Runway & Red Carpet Hair to Try at Home

Now that the runway shows are over and the red carpet season wrapped up a few weeks ago with the Oscars, I wanted to share a wrap up of the latest hair style trends. The best thing about the current trends that will carry into spring is that they are pretty easy for us "non-celebrities" to accomplish at home. From long tresses to pixie cuts there are trends for all hairstyles and I hope you try to tackle some of them to mix up your style this spring.

One consistent trend for the spring runway fashion shows in New York and London was length. So start growing out your bobs and lobs because long hair is back and its cooler than ever!

Boho Waves

Carefree, barely-there waves are easy to create at home. Use a texturizing spray or light weight foam or mousse when hair is wet. Work through your hair from the bottom up and use a diffuser until hair is almost dry. Let hair finish drying naturally.

For hair that is hard to hold wave use a large sized barrel iron to enhance texture and volume.

Long Tails

Ponytails went from high and sleek to looser and lower, but length all over. A sleek, wet look, high on the top of your head is a strong look. If you want a little more softness try a looser look that has an "un-done" look set lower on the nape of your neck. 


 Braids & Twists

Rope braids, cornrowed buns, or loose beachy side braid there is a twist or braid out there for everyone. Tight braids with a wet look work for a stronger look while loose braids with a few loose pieces around the face make for a softer more casual feel to your style. A twist or braid is also something that can be styled with a bob or shorter lengths.


Out of the Water Look

The slick, shiny hair on the runways varied in degrees of wetness, going from lightly gelled to fresh out of the water. Part it down the middle, comb it back or pull it up in a tight bun. For those with a short bob or pixie cut this is probably the easiest trend to pull off until you get your length back.




Bombshell Blowouts!

Go big or go home with big luscious curls. Channel some old Hollywood glam with a side part or for longer locks do a side swept look by pulling your hair over one shoulder.

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