Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Less Is More

HairQueen News

Spring is in the air! It's time to weed and prune our flowers, plants, and of course, ourselves. It is time to take stock of our beauty regime.  Yes, even the Less Is More approach takes some planning and execution. So to keep it simple and help you stay on track here are some rules to groom by: 
  • Make and keep your salon appointment - plan for one hour or less for a haircut, two hours or more for a cut and color.  
  • Book your next appointment before you leave the salon.
  • Consider purchasing the products and tools your stylist recommends - they are probably just right for your hair type and will save you styling time.
  • Bring pictures of styles you like on your device and be ready to hear "if" that style will work for you.
  • Do not be afraid of a change but remember that a change is a change and change is good.
  • When at home use the products and tools you purchased to achieve your salon look! 
  • Go to your next appointment - hair grows and must be maintained.


Products of the Month

This month when you come to the salon you will find that I have all my shampoos and conditioners on sale, they are 10% off.  

There will be a retail sale every month as a way to say thank you for purchasing your hair care products at your appointment. 

Runs Businesses With Scissors 

We are in the third month of the year and almost through the first quarter, it is time to take stock of our businesses and make sure we are on track for a terrific year. Here are a few items for you to check off your to do lists and a few things to think about for the future.
  • Close out 2014 and get everything to your book keeper and accountant now.
  • Review your schedule and make sure it is client friendly and "you" friendly.
  • Plan your days off and your vacation - no one wants a burned out stylist or boss.
  • Look at your current income and expenses and see if you need to make price adjustments.
  • Plan your monthly promotions at least one to two months ahead.
  • Add or take out services from your menu if they are no longer necessary.
  • Tidy up/purge/dust/move things around to create abundance.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and over worked? Make an appointment with me or another business coach or consultant.
  • Make time to work on your business as well as in your business - it's smart business.
To that end I have simplified my consulting billing structure to a less complicated system.  Hourly rates are available for individual hours as well as discounted rates for more than one session. To get your spot on my schedule contact me:

Phone: 510-545-2955

Let's help you have more with less.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Runway & Red Carpet Hair to Try at Home

Now that the runway shows are over and the red carpet season wrapped up a few weeks ago with the Oscars, I wanted to share a wrap up of the latest hair style trends. The best thing about the current trends that will carry into spring is that they are pretty easy for us "non-celebrities" to accomplish at home. From long tresses to pixie cuts there are trends for all hairstyles and I hope you try to tackle some of them to mix up your style this spring.

One consistent trend for the spring runway fashion shows in New York and London was length. So start growing out your bobs and lobs because long hair is back and its cooler than ever!

Boho Waves

Carefree, barely-there waves are easy to create at home. Use a texturizing spray or light weight foam or mousse when hair is wet. Work through your hair from the bottom up and use a diffuser until hair is almost dry. Let hair finish drying naturally.

For hair that is hard to hold wave use a large sized barrel iron to enhance texture and volume.

Long Tails

Ponytails went from high and sleek to looser and lower, but length all over. A sleek, wet look, high on the top of your head is a strong look. If you want a little more softness try a looser look that has an "un-done" look set lower on the nape of your neck. 


 Braids & Twists

Rope braids, cornrowed buns, or loose beachy side braid there is a twist or braid out there for everyone. Tight braids with a wet look work for a stronger look while loose braids with a few loose pieces around the face make for a softer more casual feel to your style. A twist or braid is also something that can be styled with a bob or shorter lengths.


Out of the Water Look

The slick, shiny hair on the runways varied in degrees of wetness, going from lightly gelled to fresh out of the water. Part it down the middle, comb it back or pull it up in a tight bun. For those with a short bob or pixie cut this is probably the easiest trend to pull off until you get your length back.




Bombshell Blowouts!

Go big or go home with big luscious curls. Channel some old Hollywood glam with a side part or for longer locks do a side swept look by pulling your hair over one shoulder.