Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Hair Queen News

The holiday season is here! I love this time of year and hope you are enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the season. I know it is only a few days into December but this month is so fun but goes by in a flash. So take some time to soak in the holiday spirit! Savor it, I know I will.

This year has really been amazing and I just want to take the time to thank all of you, whether friends, salon clients, or business colleagues, each of you have contributed in some way to my year and I deeply appreciate each and every one of you. I wish you all a joyful and blessed holiday season with your loved ones. In order to enjoy my loved ones a bit, I will be on vacation from Swans Studios from December 23 thru December 29.

Product of the Month

With the holiday season comes all the glorious holiday events so in honor of that my December product special is 10% off all shine products. Add some shine to your holiday do with Pearl Shine Hair Spray. Anyone who comes into Swans Studios in December will receive 10% off all shine product purchases.







Story of the Month

Over the weekend I learned about a new trend this holiday season focused on the GIVING SEASON. As we all know there is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now a more honorable tradition of Giving Tuesday. Now I know Giving Tuesday was a few days ago but I really loved the idea of a national charge to really enhance giving this year among all the consumer driven advertising. Don't get me wrong, I love to shop as much as the next person, so the geniuses over at NPR put together an incredible list of products that when purchased, the funds go to some really worthy causes. I hope this inspires you in your gift giving this season to buy products that have impact. Click here to read the NPR article.


Runs Businesses With Scissors

And finally a note to my consulting clients, it is not too late to plan for 2015.  Is it time to adjust your prices, change your schedule, relocate, add a service, a product, expand or downsize your business? You get the idea and you don't have to do it alone.Contact me directly to set up a consulting session to plan your best year ever. Together we can implement those goals you have been wanting to achieve.  Remember, in order to grow your business, you need to work on your business as well as in your business.  Last year my goal was to grow my overall business by at least 10%, I achieved that goal on November 29th, one month ahead of schedule! Let's prosper together in 2015!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What Do You Have to be Grateful For this Year?

"He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has." ~Epictetus

This time of year always gets me in a reflective mood. With the holiday season approaching and making plans to see my friends, family, and other loved ones I try to take a moment each day for gratitude. As I suspect it may be the same with you, I can get very stressed and exhausted this time of year trying to balance my work life and my personal life. I love to attend and host parties and events, but even for me an extroverted Leo, I can get overwhelmed trying to juggle the holiday season along with running my businesses.  

This month I am committed to focusing on gratitude. I plan to take moments throughout my day to take a few deep breaths, calm my body and soul, and reflect on all the amazing and wonderful aspects of my life that I have to be thankful for. This really helps me function on a better level, keeps me focused but relaxed, and gives me the energy to serve my clients and to enjoy my friends and family.

I encourage each of you as you go about your busy lives to take some time each day to relax, breathe, and reflect. Is it the beautiful setting? Is it the fact that your family and friends are hopefully happy and healthy this year? Whatever it is that you have to be grateful for, let it fill your soul with good vibes. Don’t let the holiday stress machine beat you down.

As I reflect on this past year I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Swans Studios.  I love seeing my hair and consulting clients in my studio space and having colleagues to work alongside; it is the perfect co-working space.  As we go into our second year at Swans Studios I am enjoying the pace, and planning for the future.  Yes it is that time of year, to plan for 2015!   Stay tuned for news for next year. 


Product of the Month

In the meantime, one quick reminder let’s shop local this year! I know I mentioned it in last month’s blog but please encourage your neighbors and friends to do the same and support our local small businesses this shopping season, especially on Black Friday. In the spirit of shopping,  I’m running a new product special in November on all my brushes and styling tools. If you come in for a visit this month all brushes and styling tools are 10% off. These make great gifts for stocking stuffers! 

Hair Queen News

Its time to book now for holiday hair! Make sure if you want to get into the studio to see me for a special holiday event, please book now. My schedule is filling up very quickly. Visit to book an appointment today. If you have questions or can't find a time that works for you please email me at

Runs Businesses With Scissors News

And finally I am feeling very inspired as I just attended an all day workshop at East Bay Score focused on the subject of How to Start or Improve Your Consulting Business.  I am excited to share what I learned with my consulting clients.  All small business owners juggle several roles and as a long time business owner and hairstylist I have been in your shoes.  My coaches and mentors have helped me navigate my path to success.  Are you ready for the holiday season and to think ahead to 2015?  Let's work on your plan to increase your profits in 2015! Call me at 510-545-2955 or email me to book a consulting session.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is it Time for You to Turn Over a New Leaf?

Hair Queen News

As you all know I am always a fan of color and never more than during the Fall season. Inspired by the changing season, the crisp air, and the new trends in the stores, a new hair color is always a great way to refresh your look and make you feel like a new person.

Check out this link for some celebrity inspiration to change up your color and try something new, bold, or risky to start your holiday season off right. Also, in honor of color I’ve got a “Product of the Month” special starting this month with all Deep Conditioners, ideal for color treated hair. Check out more information below. 

Product of the Month

I'm excited to start a new "Product of the Month" promotion starting this month with deep conditioners. Anyone who comes into Swans Studios in October and purchases a deep conditioner will receive a 10% discount. One deep conditioner that I want to profile is the BY Masque. This deep conditioner retails at $21. It is an intense treatment rich in proteins with amino acids that restructure and rebuild damaged hair. Able to instantly repair hair, it leaves your strands with body, strength and shine. Thermal and UV protectants help in maintaining color, with a weightless feel and no build up. 

Story of the Month 

With the holiday season right around the corner, I would like to remind you to try as much as possible to shop local! We are so lucky to have interesting and unique shops in the East Bay from Old Oakland and Lake Merritt, to Rockridge and Berkeley, shopping local is beneficial for our entire local economy. Please keep that in mind when starting your holiday shopping.  

Runs Businesses With Scissors

Sometimes when consulting with my clients I realize that I forget to mention all the tricks/skills I have to offer. Sometimes when we become so comfortable with clients we get into a routine and the “art of the consultation” can be lost. I constantly remind myself to consult with each client, to make sure they are getting all their hair and retail needs met.  After all, my clients are in my chair for me to work my magic to create a style specifically for them, so that they look and feel their best and replicate the hair style themselves at home.

I believe it is important to continue to educate ones self on the styles, trends, and techniques in the hairstyling industry. Education allows us to consistently be at the top of our game and offer our clients the best possible service.

As business owners it is also important for us to sharpen our business skills so we stay up with the current trends and best practices for business today. Do you need help with your retail strategy, training your team, training yourself to sell products and services? I recommend you set time aside to work on your business as well as in your business. Contact me if you would like to set up a consulting appointment. It is time now to set your goals for the holiday sales season. Email me at for more information and to set up an appointment. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Falling Leaves...Falling Strands?

Robin Wright
Are you feeling like a change with your hair as the weather outside shifts to cooler temps and stronger winds? With the season changing and leaves falling it is always a good time to inspire a new look for the cooler months. From cuts to colors, layers or waves there is something for everyone in the latest fall hair trends. See which one works for you!

The Pixie with Fringe - Its time to accentuate your best feature...your face! Take this edgy cut to the next step...take it from edgy and funky to sophisticated with side-swept bangs like Robin Wright.

Sarah Paulson
The Angled Bob - Take it to the chin with this fall bob with a center part. Keep it sleek and straight with a little texture at the tips. This is a perfect look for someone who wants to make a change from long locks without going all the way to the Pixie style. 

Jessica Alba


The Long Lob - This long choppy layered look works for so many types of people and styles. Stay warm with a little more length and play with waves and texture to keep it fresh, fun, and casual while still looking pulled together.

Mermaid Waves -I know we can't all look like Gisele but maybe we can aim for mimicking her cool beachy mermaid waves. For those of you who want to keep your length or spend your fall and winter growing out your locks try this flowy light weight style. Bring a little "beachy vibe" with you even in the cooler seasons. 

Click here for more details on these looks and others as well as styling tips.

Are you looking for some new color this season? Check out the 10 best hair colors for Fall 2014! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where Were You A Year Ago??

Story of the Month

Entry View - Before
I truly cannot believe that it has been a year since I opened the doors to Swans Studios in Old Oakland. As I celebrate the one year anniversary of my business, I am humbly aware this business would not be possible without the support and loyalty of my clients, friends, family, and community. I feel it is always important to pause when arriving at milestones such as this one and soak in all the positives!  Life can surprise us at times.

Entry View - After

One day you are walking along and you see an opportunity and the next thing you know you have taken a new risk and made some sort of dramatic change and you've arrived at where you had always wanted to be, but perhaps you had taken the long way around to get there. I'm so excited to celebrate this milestone and can't wait to see what the future years will bring for me at Swans Studios.

My new work space
Building Swans Studios was a whirlwind and certainly not something I had planned on doing a year ago, but walking along and finding this space right under my nose (literally) was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. After signing the lease on August 14th, I had a lot of work to do before the space was ready for me to have clients there, but after sixteen years of owning my previous salons, I knew the who, what, why, when, where and how to get it done; so as you may know I did. 

Our welcome area

Here are some gallery pictures to show the before and gives me a lot of appreciation for all the people that helped with the renovations and upgrades! Like I said, I could not have done this without you, my trusted community and clients. Thank you so much for your continued support!

My "before" hair

Hair Queen News 

Along with Swans Studios growing and thriving...I did some growing of my own, my hair that is! For the first time in quite a few years I decided to grow out my hair. I'm very excited about my long, short haircut and it is fun to have some locks and length on my head. It will be fun to style my hair for the holidays with a curl or two….

My "after" hair

It is not too soon for you to be thinking about holiday hair.  Are you ready for a change, a little fall color, maybe some texture?  Let’s talk the next time you are in the chair. Visit to book your next appointment!

Runs Businesses With Scissors

Swans Studios didn't just happen overnight, but almost! I used all my past industry experiences to successfully build Swans Studios from the ground up. My years in the trenches taught me a lot about the who, what, why, when, where and how to get it done.

In the salon industry, boutique salons are all the rage and for me, at this juncture in my career, it made sense to adopt this model for my latest venture.  I love having my studio associates as colleagues and I love having my privacy. With this business model I am able to serve my salon clients and my consulting clients in one location; it makes good mental, spiritual, creative, and financial sense.

Are you ready for your next move?  If so, I am at your service. I would love to apply my years of experience in helping you transition to a new space if that is the next step in your business. For more information check out the website and my blog at I look forward to helping you find your new business path this fall.