Monday, December 31, 2012

Salutations from Paris

As promised I am keeping my eyes and ears open to the sights of hair and fashion as I visit and revisit new and favorite Parisian haunts such as Montmartre, The Effiel Tower, and The Arc de Triomphe.

These visits have included many Metro rides and a lot of walking.  Parisians and tourists alike are sporting a variety of hats and scarves.  A popular scarf appears to be the striped scarf, tres elegant!

Under most chapeaux Parisian hair appears to be strikingly similar to what I see and create myself back home in Oakland, California at Right Angle Salon

I have noticed more women sporting short hair but what has really caught my attention is the attention to detail for one's entire look from the hat to the boots!  Men, women, and children wear an ensemble that strikes an elegant, coordinated effect. 

My husband and I have been asked more than once for help from tourists - perhaps the Parisian look has rubbed off on us as well : )

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