Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't Be Scared!!!

Fall is in the air and so are fall colors, so if you are worried about changing up your color for the new season don't be, even a tiny change in a haircut or color can be really scary for long-time clients.

Recently, several  of my long-time clients have opted for a bit more of a change.  For one of them, we made a change to her haircut.  I showed her a picture and too my surprise she went for it.  Yeah!  It was so rewarding for me to "modernize" her style, less layers, heavier side swept fringe and she let me cut four to five inches off the length. ( I heard it makes her look younger!)

Another long-time client, even longer than the first one came in for highlights to blend and disguise her grey.  A natural blond, it was time to refresh and add some depth to her overall hair color. During the consultation she asked, "Could I have some red highlights too?"  Something must be in the air!  Of course, I said "Yes!"  Ta da!  Her color looks great, fresh, shiny, and a little spicy!

Another client whom recently retired, opted to celebrate with some chestnut dimensional highlights in her all over black hair.  Fun!

Fall 2012 Looks from New York Fashion Week

Fall is here, and so are Fall colors. Use the natural seasonal colors to inspire a change in your color, or even try a shorter style.  It is time to start thinking about heavier fabrics, layers, boots, scarves and sweaters.

This is a good time to adjust your color to darker hues, think about a new haircut, break out of the routine...there's nothing worse than celebrating the holidays in a style rut!

Long time clients and their stylists can become very comfortable with each other.  I am grateful that after all these years my clients trust me and ask me to change their look, or say a bold or timid "yes" to my suggestions.

Don't be scared, love your hair!

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