Monday, October 28, 2019

Runs Business with Scissors

Consulting News

Hello super busy stylists and salon owners,

It is time, actually past time to pause and review how you and your business are doing and to set a goal or two for 2020.

Whenever I do this I am reminded that I run my business, my business does not run me.

It takes discipline to do this exercise because when your day behind-the-chair is at capacity and your personal life is ticking along nicely why would you change anything at all? Or conversely your day behind-the-chair is not at capacity and your personal life is a mess how on earth can you find time to change anything at all?

Here are a few reasons why:

1.     You want to make more money.
2.     You want to work smarter not harder.
3.     You want to remember why you love to do hair.
4.     You want more time with your family and friends.
5.     You want to improve your skills.
6.     You want to travel more.
7.     You want to understand where your money goes.
8.     You want to start a retirement fund.
9.     You want to laugh more and stress less.
10.  You need a change.

It is always amazing to me that when I take the time to check in with my coach and actually sit down to review where I am today and where I want to go that the miracles happen.

Ready for a miracle?  Ready for a coaching session?

Contact me today and let’s take steps towards the change you want to happen.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

To Change or not to Change?

Fall is in the air, summer is over and we are starting to think about the holi-daze!   

Fall and winter are often a time we think about growing our hair a little longer and going a shade or two darker as we begin to dress more warmly for the shorter days and the longer nights.

Earlier this summer this lovely client went from a long hairstyle - to a medium, layered bob. Her hair was too long and heavy for the hot summer days.  

In her case she has decided to keep this length and enjoy this style for a while longer.

How about you?  Longer hair or shorter hair for the Fall and Winter Seasons?

Let's talk next time you come in for your appointment!

If you do not have an appointment and you are ready to book, please see my contact information below.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hairqueen News

What a whirlwind this past year has been!

I completely fell off writing my newsletters and Bloggs which is one of the ways I stay connected to you “beyond the chair."

Between travel and becoming a grandmother, I have been a bit distracted and have broken my own rules of staying on top of “working on my business, as well as in my business”.

Lucky for me I have the best clients in the world and my 35 years as a hairstylist have stood me in good stead in this social media frenzied world we live in today.

Yes, 35 years!

Wow I can hardly believe it! So I have truly taken stock and decided to make a decision which is momentous for me. As of January 2020 I will not longer have appointments available on Saturdays. I have been able to tell most of you in person which is my preferred way to communicate whenever possible and I truly appreciate your support and understanding.

I will be in the salon weekdays except every other Thursday when I will be in my new role as Glamma, taking care of Isla, my beautiful little grand daughter.

Isla and Glamma in our Sunday best!

Speaking of the salon, one of the newest trends this season is the Shag.

I have been reviewing the technique for this cut and it’s a fun new twist on an old trend.

Speaking of trends, grey transition is all the rage.

If you or someone you know is ready to take the plunge and give up artificial color let’s talk soon, this is one of my specialties…

This is my dear friend and client Julie. We were able to transition her gracefully from all over color to grey using a foil technique and strategic appointment planning. Her grey is so beautiful!

I have appointments available to help you get set up for a great fall look and beyond.

Let’s get ready for fall; book your appointment today:

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Friday, October 4, 2019

October Promotions

Dear Wonderful Salon Clients,
Without you where would a hairstylist be?  We would be No Nothing- sorry I could not resist! This is the name of my newest professional product that I am carrying in my business at Swans Studios.

No Nothing is a no scent, no fragrance, no perfume line from Finland.  

Here is both a link and some information from the manufacturer:

Surprisingly many of us have sensitive skin or have experienced allergic reactions to cosmetic products. With the right kind of products, allergies and irritations can be controlled or avoided. To supply high quality products for this need, KC Professional has developed a sensitive range of hair products for styling as well as cleansing and conditioning hair and scalp.
As the name of the range implies, No nothing products contain as few potentially sensitizing ingredients as possible, and to make everyone with a sensitive nose happy, all products are also 100% perfume-free. They are perfect for safely cleansing, conditioning and styling hair for the whole family – especially those who have sensitive skin or have developed fragrance hypersensitivity.
All No nothing products have been awarded the official emblem of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation, as proof of the high quality standards and safety of the products - the products have been declared safe by dermatologists in independent tests.No nothing proves that sensitivity is a good thing, not a disadvantage. The package design is cute but modern, delicate and playful. The products urge you to avoid the irritating things in life and appreciate the things that are good for you. That is why so many people can use them. Including hairdressers who wish to improve the quality of their working environment.Welcome to a more sensitive world.

I am enjoying using and learning these new products and this month I am offering savings for you to try them out.

If you have been looking for scent free products let’s switch you to them right now — or at least at your next appointment!!

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