Thursday, January 10, 2019

My Stylist Cuts, Blogs, Coaches and Consults

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I cut, blog, coach and consult.

I do this because I have lots of experience, and I enjoy hair, business, and writing.

This is my 35th year in the salon industry.  I am at a stage in life that all of my peers are retiring.  This is a stage in life that is unknown to me just like the beginning stage of my career was a mystery to me all those years ago.

When I started in the salon business everyone was on commission, professional products and social media were non-existent, and a lot of clients smoked.  Today, there are many different business models, a myriad of products, all sorts of social media platforms and many clients do not smoke.

There is something magical about the salon. It is a place of change, relaxation, inspiration, laughter and beauty.  It can also be challenging, stressful, chaotic, loud and quite draining.  After 35 years of experiencing probably just about everything as a hairstylist and business owner, I reckon I have earned the equivalent of a PHD in the life of the salon profession.

As I slowly approach retiring age, you will find me behind-the-chair executing my skills as a master hairstylist, and you will find me mentoring and coaching the next generation as a business consultant.

I had no clue in those early days when I knew nothing and I was hungry to learn! Who knew that I would end up having such an amazing career in the salon industry. I am delighted and excited to be in the masters stage of a long and rewarding career.  I'm not ready to retire, not yet anyway!
Until next time here is a little more information for you: 

Embrace Your Silver

Today one of my specialties is working with clients to embrace their silver:

Rosemary, a long time hair client recently sent me a holiday greeting:
"I want to thank you again for helping me go natural gray – ever grateful 😊. I don’t know how many years ago it was, perhaps 5-6?  I really appreciate not having the maintenance schedule, and at 61 seems natural to be this color, even if it still surprises me in photos."

Rebecca's transition from color to natural over many months. 

Are you ready for a new look?
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Ready to Consult?

Another of my specialties is too work with stylists to embrace their careers:

In beauty school they teach us how to pass the Board.  In the salon we learn how to have a job.  It is up to us the stylist to take the time to learn how to have a career.   We do this by investing in ourselves by seeking out continuing education both creatively and on the business side.  We must learn how to manage our careers as well as our passion.   

Ginger, one of the tenants at Swans Studios says:
Suzanne has been an amazing, kind, strong, funny, firm, and influential mentor to me and my business. She displays professionalism as a salon owner and business coach; she always has her clients’ best interest at heart. As a result of Suzanne’s mentorship, I have learned to love making money while building my clientele. Suzanne’s coaching taught me to WOW my clients, commit to my future, and take control of my career and my life.

Are you ready for a career boost or ready to take your salon to the next level, let's talk soon!

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