Wednesday, May 2, 2018

When In Roma

Rome - Celio

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A week in Rome was just what the hair doctor ordered.  It was a glorious week of unplugging from everyday life and immersing myself in the sites, sounds, smells and tastes of Roma!

My husband Michael and I walked over 10,000 steps a day navigating the cobbled streets, piazzas, ruins, restaurants, shops and tourist destinations.

Everywhere I went I looked at heads of hair and clothing styles that would inspire me and pump up my creative juices for my return home.

I have to say I felt at home in Roma, my formative years as an English girl were fed from deep within my bones and I loved it.

I returned home with fresh ideas and my muscles of creativity and inspiration well exercised.

Come see me and we'll add a little Roma to your Spring Look!

We toured Fendi Headquarters!

Before and After

My son-in-law was ready for a new look.  Check out my Intstagram @SVHHairqueen on my profile under Dez cut and see the video live!

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Runs Businesses With Scissors

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief!  Swans Studios is full again and it feels so good.  I've been in this game for long enough to know that you must always recruit, recruit, recruit especially when business is solid.  

Stylists and clients come and go, life happens and it's not personal even if it feels like it.

Are you working on your business as well as in your business, if not, why not?

Need some support as you tackle the day to day ups and downs, the wins and losses of business life?

Feel free to contact me through phone or email: 510-545-2955 or

I always love to hear from you!

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