Friday, August 4, 2017

Back To School

Hairqueen News:


My birthday is in August and this year I turn 57.  I was 22 when I started in the salon industry so this is my 35th year! I cannot believe how fast the years have flown by.

When I started nobody sold products, clients smoked in the salon as did the stylists.  There were no computers, no social media, just magazines, paper appointment books, pencils, erasers, telephones and as always the aroma of hairspray and styling gel in the air.  I loved the salon environment then and I do today with all the modern technology, the retail products, the social media and the sweet smell of good old hairspray or gel.

I will retire as a career stylist someday.  In the meantime you will find me at Swans Studios, cutting and styling away, as I adjust with the times, utilizing online booking, social media and the latest trends and techniques.

Although in the end it is the trust my clients place in me that makes my vocation a career.  Thanks for the trust.

I'll be away for a week August 6-15 to recharge my batteries before the busy salon season starts. In the meantime enjoy the rest of summer and Never and I will see you soon.

Promotion Of The Month: 

Since products are the thing in the salon these days and when you buy local you truly do help small businesses like mine.  I like to give back so I run a monthly special to say thank you for your continued patronage.  This month I am having a liter sale.  It's a good time to stock up.


Client Corner:


Of course, what would I be without my wonderful clients like Laura in the before and after shots below. Laura and I met through a networking opportunity.  Laura owns an amazing business,  My terrific virtual assistant, Sara, is one of Laura's Freedom Makers.

Thanks for trusting me Laura!

Before & Afters:

Runs Businesses With Scissors:

This month I am asking for your help.  In September I will have an opening at Swans Studios.  I would love to find a new stylist to join me and La Tasha.  If there is one thing we can count on it is change, sometimes this is good, sometimes it is hard, sometimes easy but change will happen.  Marisa will be moving on, we wish her well. 

Please pass the word:  

In the meantime to contact me for hair or business consulting or to join us at Swans Studios.
510-444-6700 or

Till we meet again soak up some rays and enjoy your days.