Thursday, January 12, 2017

A New Year, A New Beginning!

The New Year is finally here! A New Year is like having a fresh start and a chance for change! It’s always important to continually improve and become even better than before! I definitely believe in continuous improvement! Stalemate is NOT where you want to be. Work toward progression! Work toward success! 

Everyone knows that it’s tradition to create new goals for yourself for the upcoming year. Take some time to reflect on this past year. What have been the ups and downs? What were your accomplishments and what goals to you still want to work toward? This is a perfect time to evaluate what areas you feel you need/want to work on most and make a plan for yourself! A plan provides a chance of success!

For my hair clients and friends: 

How would it feel if you started this year with a new, strong, BOLD look! Everyone considers a change in their “look” occasionally. How would it feel if you actually took the chance to go through with it! You may provide yourself with even more self-confidence, hold yourself a little higher, and feel even better every time you walk out the door. Not to mention, it’s simply a lot of fun to make a change! I would LOVE to take a part in making your dream come true for having a new “Do”. If you want to book an appointment, please go through this website Or contact me at 510-545-2955.   

For my business consulting clients:  

How would it feel to set a goal for your business of how much profit you want to make and how much growth you want to achieve, and actually make it there! I can help you get there step by step. All you need to do is book a consulting appointment on this website (Click Services and Book under Business Consulting) Or contact me at 510-545-2955.

I look forward to speaking/meeting with you.

Have an amazing start to this New Year!

In deepest gratitude and love,