Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love is in the Hair

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Ti's the day we celebrate love.  Whether you have a date or not,
it is a good day to try a new "do".  Have you planned what you're going to wear to your romantic date night out or your night in? How are you going to do your hair?

Trends of the Season

This season's trend is asymmetry. Try a one-sided hairstyle this Valentine's Day!

Low Side Bun

Loose Side Braid

Side Swept Curls

Question of the Month


If I put coconut oil on my hair, will it fix my split ends?


The only solution to split ends is a haircut. So schedule an appointment for a haircut today!

Client Corner

One of my recent clients wanted a hair transformation.  We took her from black to purple, purposefully leaving her roots black.  It took over three hours to lighten and then dye her hair purple.

Check out these pictures of her that she sent to me with lots of thumbs up from her friends and family!

February Promotion

Framesi's Color Lover will make your hair color last longer. Avoid the color fade with Color Lover! Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free! Take advantage of this promotion!

HairQueen News

January knocked me off my feet.  The day before I flew to Dallas for my father-in-law's 80th birthday the hot water heater in my business died.  We went from hot to tepid to cold before noon.  This was a test of patience, resilience, flexibility and faith.  I had a full day of clients as did my boutique mates.  We soldiered on whilst my assistant, Lorenzo tracked down a hot water heater repair service and we made arrangements to have the heater replaced the next day. I had a flight at 9.30 am and the repair service was there at 8.00 am as promised to replace the heater.  

This is the life of the small business owner.  The trickster reminding us to have a plan for the unexpected, the dollars to cover the costs, and the willingness to delegate and ask for help.

What is your plan, how do you navigate the waters of uncertainty?

Do you need help, guidance, suggestions for your own emergency preparedness?  Perhaps it is time to work on your business whilst in your business.  Need help? Let's talk.

Feel free to contact me through phone or email: 510-545-2955 or

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