Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Prosperous 2015!

Hair Queen News

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe January is half over. I’ve finally decompressed from the holiday madness and hope you are back in the swing of things as well. For those of you coming to see me at Swans Studios I wanted to give you some helpful reminders: 

  • Parking - There are several options for parking in the Swans Studio area, including one hour meter parking on 9th St., two hour meter parking on Clay St., a lot at 7th & Clay that is all-day parking $7 on weekdays & $4 on weekends, and a lot between Clay & Jefferson on 7th St. for $1.50 an hour in the lot behind the police station and directly across from Mexicali Rose. 
  • Also, Parkmobile is a new service available in the Oakland area which is a pay by phone parking service so you can add money to the meter without running out of the salon. Click here to learn more about Parkmobile in the Oakland area and to download the app. 
  • Bathroom info - there are public men and women bathrooms inside Swans Market, which can be entered from Swans Courtyard or from Washington St. We also have a key to a unisex bathroom located across from Swans Studios and near the Clay St. Entrance. 
I am delighted to reintroduce Lorenzo Carmagnola, my assistant in the salon. He has been working with me for over five years and is continuing to be a vital member of my team. Some of you may have met him when I owned my previous salon, Topps and he has now continued his journey with me to Swans Studios. Lorenzo assists me on Thursdays and Saturdays, which enables me to have more time on my books for HAIR appointments.
Slicked back and held with a binder clip
(I've been dying to use this photo somewhere). 

Speaking of HAIR I have been looking online at the projected trends for 2015.  According to the runways, long hair is back; serious length is the prediction. With this length comes waves, specifically the BOHO wave, carefree barely there waves.  Maybe it is time to try that body wave or time to smooth your curly waves, lets talk next time you are in the chair.  

PONY TAILS, BRAIDS and BIG BUNS were also big runway looks, along with one of my personal favorites, the OUT OF THE WATER look, yes just slick that hair back.  


This is the year of GEL and HAIRSPRAY. You guessed it for the remainder of January and for the month of February I am offering 10% off all my GEL and HAIRSPRAY retail products.  It is important to have the tools for your 2015 look in your personal products toolkit.



Runs Businesses With Scissors

As  most of you know I have lived and worked in the Swans Market building for 15 years. Swans 
Market is enjoying a great revitalization period (check out more info here). I consider myself a pioneer of this neighborhood and hope you get a chance to enjoy the varied restaurants and shops that continue to open up at Swans and in my neighborhood, Old Oakland. 

As a Small Business Owner I am no stranger to the ups and downs of the business world.  I am excited to continue my Business Consulting Practice into 2015.  I love working one on one with other entrepreneurs and helping them reach realistic and attainable goals.  

If you or anyone on your team are ready for your next step, contact me and tell me and share your situation so together we can help you grow your business and make your dreams come true.


I would also like to thank my clients that have checked out my Yelp page and left a review for me. It is always great to get feedback and interact with my clients online, as well as on my Facebook page. If you could "like" my fan page that would be a great marketing boost for me.

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