Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring into Style!

Spring Hair Trends

Are you trying to stay on trend with the Spring hairstyles for 2014? From the Met Gala to the Cannes Film Festival, celebrities are sporting the latest in hair trends. Here are just a few to inspire you and your style!

Sleek buns

Are you going out on the town with a knock out dress? Wearing a statement necklace that needs to Work the sleek bun look to pull the focus to your outfit and make the best part of your look stand out! 


The braid is back in a huge way. The everyday woman may not have a red carpet to work it on but a braid is a great way to look like you made an effort without making it look like you tried too hard. Whether you are hitting the beach for the first time this year or attending a backyard barbeque, a loose braid is a sexy, flirty way to look pulled together, yet still casual!

Statement Accessories

Want to stand out while still keeping it simple and low maintenance? Rock a LBD with a statement hair accessory and draw people's attention to your updo! A statement accessory can pump up the glamor factor of any look and make it look like you really went all out when all you did was "put a pin in it!" Try this look for a spring/summer wedding or graduation celebration.

Side Swept Waves

Really want to bump up the glamor factor? Want to keep your hair do for a cool Bay Area event but still look polished? A side swept wave is the perfect look. Emphasis a severe part to add volume and sex appeal. This classic look will make you stand out in all the good ways.

I hope at least one of these looks has inspired you to try something new this spring with your style!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mum's the Word!

Story of the Month 

My mum, brother, & me
As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but think of my mum and all the wonderful memories I have of her. She was a huge part of how I became a hairstylist. As a young girl I enjoyed going to the salon with my mum in North London where I grew up.  The salon that she went to was a small salon called Robert Jeffries. I loved it there; I loved the smells, the chatter, the sound of the hairdryers, the gossip, the jokes, and of course the way they did my mum's hair. 

Later, when I became a teenager I got my very first job as a Saturday Girl at Robert Jefferies Salon and I was in heaven.  I learned how to shampoo, how to greet the clients, I made cups of tea, swept up the hair, took out the rollers. I also learned how to blow dry and style for the hairstylists following a haircut; a must do at the time since Vidal Sassoon was becoming all the rage. It was out with the roller set, in with the brush and blow dryer!

Me outside Vidal Sassoon in the 80's
As a young teen I had no idea that I would be a life long hairstylist. Today, Vidal Sassoon is still one of my hair idols and so much has changed since I was a Saturday Girl in the Seventies! It all started, though, with me just wanting to tag along with my mum when she went to get her hair done, and look what it turned into...quite an amazing journey.  


Hair Queen News


May is always such a wonderful time of year. The new season has arrived, fun outdoor activities and events are taking place, and of course it is the time of year when we celebrate all the wonderful Mother's in our lives, those that birthed us, and those that have become mother figures in our lives over the years. The sacrifices that Mother's make to provide for their children is a certainly something to celebrate.  In honor of all the Mother's that come into my salon I've created a photo collage to honor you. Now this is just a small number of the wonderful ladies from my salon, there are so many of you!  Click here to view the collage.

Runs Businesses With Scissors 

We are nearing the half-year mark of 2014.  Are you on track with your business goals?  If so, well done!  If not, it is never too late to take stock and make a plan, or adjust your existing plan, in order for your next steps to be successful. Do you know your numbers? Is your client count low? Is it time for a sales promotion? Or perhaps a Mother's Day promotion will help. 

Besides our hair styling skills, today hair stylists and salon owners must juggle the land of social media, electronic booking systems and Square all in order to create the best salon experience for our clients.  We must spend time on our business as well as in our business.

Contact me if you would like to schedule a Business Consultation to review your current business plan and help grow in the second half of 2014. I'm running a May consulting special so make sure to email me at for more information.