Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Has Sprung: Pushing Refresh on a New Season!

I don't know about you but spring has certainly sprung for me. The flowers are blooming, the daylight is lasting longer, and there is just a new and fresh vibe in the atmosphere. With the school year winding down and summer plans being made I think this is always a good time to refresh my life and clean out the winter blues to make room for sunny and fun days ahead!

Story of the Month 

Some areas of my life that I like to re-evaluate this time of year include but are not limited to style/fashion, beauty, home organization, relationships/friendships, etc. Here are a few tips to help you refresh your busy life!
  • Beauty - Like the food in your refrigerator, your makeup and beauty products also have expiration dates. While cleaning out the closet also try to purge your bathroom drawers and shelves of those products that could be doing you more harm than good at this point. Click here for a great article from Real Simple Magazine
  • Hair - Are you looking for a new do to rock this season? Tired of those long locks? Maybe something shorter or lighter? Here are a few inspiring styles from celebrities who have recently updated their hair style. I hope you get inspired! Click here for a slideshow of hot celebrity make-overs for spring!
  • Home Organization - Do you have a stack of papers on a side table that stare at you each night? Another pile of magazines and newspapers in a basket by the couch that you want to read "when you have free time"? Or an inbox in your email account that is out of control? I've been working on cleaning up and organizing my paperwork, both personal and business, around my house. Try some of these tips to help streamline your process so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. Tackling a few things at a time instead of the whole animal is a good place to start! 
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Hair Queen News

Spring is a great time to take risks with your hair and really experiment. For some clients with long hair they don't want to give up length but want to try something new. Color is always an easy way to go to freshen up your look without sacrificing length! I recently got in a plethora of new colors for spring from the Framesi color line, plus this is a hot trend in Hollywood right now to go crazy and have fun with your color. If you are interested in trying a new hue, let me know!

Also, I've come across some great "updo" tricks that are super easy and fast with great results.  Here are some links to fun hairstyles for you to try this spring!


Runs Businesses with Scissors

We are three months into the year and it’s a great time for business owners to look back to January at the list of business resolutions you made. Are you on track with the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? Do you need to re-evaluate some of those goals? Spring is the perfect time of year to do a refresh on your business goals and tweak areas that you haven’t focused on as much as you should.

Although small business owners do not get an official spring break, spring is a good time to take a break and recharge your batteries.  It is important to have a good work/life balance and to plan your time off throughout the year to give yourself a mental and physical break.  One of the beauties of being self-employed is that you can plan your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule to serve you and your clients.  If you need help finding work/life balance within your year, please feel free to contact me and I can coach you in the art of scheduling with ease!

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