Thursday, November 21, 2019

When Your Aunt is a Hairstylist...

New Job - New Look!

My niece Samantha moved to San Francisco from Plano, Texas to work for LinkedIn.  (Let's connect on LinkedIn!)

Like everyone who moves, Sam needed to find a new hairdresser to cut her hair. Lucky for Sam, she has me 😄.

Sam pulled up her Pinterest and showed me pins that she had put on a board of hairstyles that she liked. (See what I'm liking on Pinterest...)

Even though Sam had pins to show me, I did my usual consultation that I do with all my clients. I asked my questions, in order to understand Sam’s preferences and goals for her own personal look.

Question One: When in your lifetime have you liked your hair the best?

Question Two: If there was one thing about your hair that you could alter, what would that be?

Question Three: How much time and investment are you willing to put into your hair?

Question Four: What shampoos, conditioner, and styling products do you use?

Sam's answers helped me to create a new look for her, recommend the appropriate styling products, and to advise her of the time and maintenance a new look will require.  Lastly I recommended when she should book her follow up appointment.

I texted Sam to ask if I could feature her for this weeks Blogg and to see how her new look is working out.

Sam texted back:

"I have gotten so many compliments!!!  I love it...  I do have to make sure it's styled right because of the bangs, but that's to be expected.  The mousse has helped keep the "look" too!"- Sam

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