Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Change of Season

Hairqueen News:

I had this blog written and then it got lost.

When I originally wrote it I was in Santa Cruz trying to escape the 100 degree Bay Area weather.  It was in the evening, I was listening to the sound of the surf and the screams of delight and fear from the Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk.  I felt happy to be so close to the ocean and delighted that in the spirit of the life of the entrepreneur, I could mix business and pleasure, because when you are self-employed sometimes that's just the way it is.

And then sometimes opportunities present themselves and even though your plate is full you are compelled to say, "yes".  I recently did that and now I am in a program for entrepreneurs called Inner City Capital Connection.  I'm about half way through and I'm not sure where it will lead.  If you would like to find out more about ICCC, check out this link, http://icic.org/inner-city-capital-connections/ and of course ask me about it next time we meet.

You might think that adding a business program to my plate would wear me out but the opposite is true: I become inspired.

Next time I see you let's talk about a new idea for your personal look.  Fall is coming and maybe it is time for a change?  How about some low-lights or a perm or a fringe?  Change is good.

Promotion Of The Month: 

10% Off All Brushes, Combs and Velcro Rollers!

Me and my lovely niece and my velcro rollers.

Client Corner:

I love helping people. We can help each other! To have your business featured here, please email me at suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com.

Runs Businesses With Scissors:

I have a change coming at Swans Studios.

One way you could help me, please.

I am looking for someone to rent out the semi-private studio space.

It's a great chance to be your own boss, work in an amazing location and gain confidence as a stylist and business owner.

Please spread the word and contact me (info below) if you're interested or know someone who might be!

This is a perfect spot for a barber, hairstylist, manicurist or make-up artist.

Swans Studios Boutique Salons

The Beauty of Ownership
  • Express your individuality as a Boutique Salon Owner
  • Customize your space, set your own hours, run your own business
  • Ownership comes with support that makes running a business simple, so you're free to spend your time doing what you do best: making the world more beautiful one client at a time
  • We are here to support you and champion our stylists as they grown their business
  • We do everything possible to create and nurture a warm, relaxing and positive experience for our stylists and their clients

The Beauty of Business
  • Included at no charge, coaching and mentoring
  • Strategic planning for your success
  • A quality environment and best business practices
  • We have been in your shoes and we know what it takes to excel behind-the-chair and in business


For more information and to fill out an application, please contact Suzanne Van Houten at suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com.


Come join us in the heart of vibrant Old Oakland.

OK, let me get this published before it gets lost again.

In the meantime, be well, be happy and thank you for being a client, a friend, a colleague, a neighbor, a pal, on this journey, in this precious slice of life.