Friday, August 4, 2017

Back To School

Hairqueen News:


My birthday is in August and this year I turn 57.  I was 22 when I started in the salon industry so this is my 35th year! I cannot believe how fast the years have flown by.

When I started nobody sold products, clients smoked in the salon as did the stylists.  There were no computers, no social media, just magazines, paper appointment books, pencils, erasers, telephones and as always the aroma of hairspray and styling gel in the air.  I loved the salon environment then and I do today with all the modern technology, the retail products, the social media and the sweet smell of good old hairspray or gel.

I will retire as a career stylist someday.  In the meantime you will find me at Swans Studios, cutting and styling away, as I adjust with the times, utilizing online booking, social media and the latest trends and techniques.

Although in the end it is the trust my clients place in me that makes my vocation a career.  Thanks for the trust.

I'll be away for a week August 6-15 to recharge my batteries before the busy salon season starts. In the meantime enjoy the rest of summer and Never and I will see you soon.

Promotion Of The Month: 

Since products are the thing in the salon these days and when you buy local you truly do help small businesses like mine.  I like to give back so I run a monthly special to say thank you for your continued patronage.  This month I am having a liter sale.  It's a good time to stock up.


Client Corner:


Of course, what would I be without my wonderful clients like Laura in the before and after shots below. Laura and I met through a networking opportunity.  Laura owns an amazing business,  My terrific virtual assistant, Sara, is one of Laura's Freedom Makers.

Thanks for trusting me Laura!

Before & Afters:

Runs Businesses With Scissors:

This month I am asking for your help.  In September I will have an opening at Swans Studios.  I would love to find a new stylist to join me and La Tasha.  If there is one thing we can count on it is change, sometimes this is good, sometimes it is hard, sometimes easy but change will happen.  Marisa will be moving on, we wish her well. 

Please pass the word:  

In the meantime to contact me for hair or business consulting or to join us at Swans Studios.
510-444-6700 or

Till we meet again soak up some rays and enjoy your days.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Hello

Hairqueen News:

Gosh the year is flying by!  And, as probably can be predicted life for me is the same and different.  For the first half of this past year I was swept up in wedding fever, my daughter was married on June 3, yippee! 

My daughter the bride

It was a new experience for me to be the mother of the bride and a member of the wedding party, rather than one of the hair stylists busily preparing the bride and the wedding party for the big day.

Me mother of the bride

Speaking of Summer: 

  • Are you ready for a summer cut and color? 
  • Is it time to go short and sassy for the long summer days?  
  • How about a few highlights or lowlights, or a splash of bold color just for fun? 

Did you hear that the perm is back?  

I did loads of perms in the 80’s; so I’m your girl if you need a curl or two!  And, I can offer the opposite, how about smoothing out those natural waves for a smoother less bulky head of hair? 

Let’s consult!  To book an appointment; or contact me at 510-545-2955.  


Promotion Of The Month:


Runs Businesses With Scissors:

Are you a business owner?

First breathe, then pat yourself on the back for making it to the mid point of the year.  

Earlier this year my marketing person resigned for personal reasons.  I took a marketing break for a few months.  I recently started working with a new marketing assistant, Sara; we have planned out the next three months of salon promotions, reviewed my social media strategy and set up our next quarterly meeting.  I cannot do this part alone.  

Now that Sara is handling this area of my business I can focus on the remainder of the year and the who, what, why, where, how and when I can grow my businesses.

Thank goodness Swans Studios is going strong, yet it is also the same and different. 

This past January, La Tasha Lathen joined us.  La Tasha is a curly hair expert, check out her website,

Our other stylist, Marisa and I are staying the course for now, enjoying our wonderful clients and the stability of many years behind-the-chair.  So I know what that means, this is the time for me to take stock and plan for the remainder of 2017. 

I need a team.  My team consists of my coach, my virtual assistant, my salon assistant and my colleagues.  Who’s on your team?  I’d love to hear about your situation today.  

To book a Consulting Appointment, email me at or call me at 510-545-2955.

Till next time,  I do hope you are planning to take some time off over the summer.  It is important to recharge our batteries before the busy Fall and Holiday Seasons.  

Stay cool and enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Should I Do This?

HairQueen News:

Should I, a hairstylist and small business owner of over thirty years, "do" social media?

"They" say we should, but quite honestly with my hours behind the chair, the time it takes to run my businesses, and the desire to have a decent work, life balance I question the if, what, how, why and when of social media.

If I post, or Madison, my marketing assistant posts a picture, a quote, an article, are we helping anyone?  I'd like to think we are.

What should we post? Before and after pictures, hairstyling and/or business tips, product news...or do people already have enough resources for this information?

How should I post, how often, where...Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn?

Why should I post? For me, for you, for the public?

When should I post? Does the time of day, the day of the week matter?

This is what I am thinking about as Winter winds down and Spring begins.....

I'd love your feedback on this topic. Let's talk face to face next time you are in the chair! Or feel free to respond to this blog or send me an email, please.

Madison and I will share any feed back next month.  BTW Madison is my virtual assistant from Freedom Makers. Freedom Makers is owned by my client Laura Renner for more information on Freedom Makers check out their website, (

Promotion of the Month:

I love a promotion as much as anyone.  How about I offer you 10% off all the salon products you purchase from me in the month of March? 10% is a nice little savings for you as you shop local and buy good stuff for your lovely head of hair!

Madison reminded me that for this month's blog, people mentioned having more product recommendations, for thinning hair, for volume, etc. 

Thinning hair is a tough one.  

There is thinning hair and there is hair that is thin, the difference is, thinning hair is hair loss and hair that is thin is hair that is fine.  You could have a full head of fine hair; sometimes nice and full and sometimes not.  

Hair loss is a different story all together.

If you have fine hair, it is important to get regular haircuts and to use products for fine hair.  If you have hair loss, working with a good hairstylist and a trusted doctor is the best remedy.

Client Corner:  

The Client Corner, this is an important feature of my Blogg because without clients I am a person with scissors.  

Over the years, I have a accumulated a fabulous roster of clients.   There are my current clients, my previous clients, and my future clients (the ones I have not met yet).

Recently, one of my wonderful longtime clients and I had an email exchange about her leaving me; she said I could quote her so her it is:

"Apologies for lagging so long before I wrote. I recently got my first haircut without you! *shocker* Yes, I have let my hair go unfortunately for far too long, and I finally updated my hair! It was time to transition my move to the south bay and truly move here. I'm sorry we never officially celebrated our last cut together and said good-bye in person. It's been great several years that you've taught me how to care for my hair and style my hair. I have been a client of yours since Topps Salon and it's also been wonderful to see what a strong business women you are through all your transitions".  Jen

Runs Businesses with Scissors:

The salon industry is not for the faint of heart and yet it is filled with hairstylists with big, big hearts.  

I believe, because of this, we must take the time to work "on" our businesses as well as "in" our businesses

This is something I have years of experience with and bring to to the table  as a Business Coach.  

I recently had a lovely compliment from a former employee, this is what she said as she shared about her ten year anniversary in the salon industry.

"Last month marked my ten year anniversary of receiving my cosmetology license. Wow. Best decision I ever made! This career saved me when I was drowning in depression and self doubt. But I had finally found it! What I had been searching for for what felt like forever. A purpose. And I found that it came so natural to me! And Not only I, but others thought I was good! Everyone could see it. I had pride for something in my life. In something people entrusted and even paid me to do! And I made beautiful relationships with the most awesome artistic people. Most are still a part of my life to this day. Thank you Amina Kahealani and Lacey Weinberger for helping me survive cosmetology school in the first place and continuing to be inspirations to me in both our careers and in life. 

Thank you Suzanne D. Van Houten for being the mentor I never thought I'd get the chance to experience even if I didn't see it in the beginning. I still refer back to your wisdom all the time and I'm so happy to call you a friend and even coworker on occasion! 

Wow 10 years and I still love what I do just as much as when I started! I'm running my own life and my business on my terms and it's an amazingly freeing feeling:) I continue to meet new people that inspire me every day and I thank all of you as well. You know who you are. Here's to another 10!!!" - Gina

Seriously if you want to grow your business in 2017 let's talk soon!

Have question on how to set and achieve your professional goals? Feel free to make an appointment with me. You can reach me at 510-545-2955 or

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A New Year, A New Beginning!

The New Year is finally here! A New Year is like having a fresh start and a chance for change! It’s always important to continually improve and become even better than before! I definitely believe in continuous improvement! Stalemate is NOT where you want to be. Work toward progression! Work toward success! 

Everyone knows that it’s tradition to create new goals for yourself for the upcoming year. Take some time to reflect on this past year. What have been the ups and downs? What were your accomplishments and what goals to you still want to work toward? This is a perfect time to evaluate what areas you feel you need/want to work on most and make a plan for yourself! A plan provides a chance of success!

For my hair clients and friends: 

How would it feel if you started this year with a new, strong, BOLD look! Everyone considers a change in their “look” occasionally. How would it feel if you actually took the chance to go through with it! You may provide yourself with even more self-confidence, hold yourself a little higher, and feel even better every time you walk out the door. Not to mention, it’s simply a lot of fun to make a change! I would LOVE to take a part in making your dream come true for having a new “Do”. If you want to book an appointment, please go through this website Or contact me at 510-545-2955.   

For my business consulting clients:  

How would it feel to set a goal for your business of how much profit you want to make and how much growth you want to achieve, and actually make it there! I can help you get there step by step. All you need to do is book a consulting appointment on this website (Click Services and Book under Business Consulting) Or contact me at 510-545-2955.

I look forward to speaking/meeting with you.

Have an amazing start to this New Year!

In deepest gratitude and love,