Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Mid Year News from Near and Far

HairQueen News

Father's Day is just around the corner, so this month we're focusing of the men in our lives! Men's hairstyles and hair products are often overshadow in today's world, but they are just as important as women's hairstyles and products!

Promotion of the Month

So this month, I'm offering a special promotion for the entire American Crew product line, designed specifically for men's hair (but that doesn't mean women can't use it too!)

Buy 1 American Crew product, receive 10% off.
Buy 2 American Crew products, receive 15% off.
Buy 3 American Crew products, receive 20% off.

NO Foil Highlights NO Fooling

Would you like a shimmer highlight or two?  New from Framesi Shimmer DeColorB - 5 Minute Highlights from start to finish.

My client Leann says "I absolutely love my Shimmer Highlights!!! So fast! No foil wraps!! And another great hair cut.  You are the best Suzanne! Thank you!"

Thanks Leann!!

Trends from Korea

My assistant Misha recently returned from a trip to South Korea and I asked her to report trends she noticed there. Here's what she saw:

While much of Korean culture idealizes Western beauty trends, a few differences did stand out to me.

  • Almost all women in Korea wear their hair long and color it lighter shades of brunette. It was rare to see any women wearing their hair shorter than shoulder length or in it's natural black color, let alone both at the same time! These long bangs were also popular, as they enhanced the Korean trend towards the "babydoll" style

Misha in Korea

  • I wear my hair in a pixie style and in my natural black hair color and I felt like there was always at least one Korean staring at me because of my hair. In fact, one woman thought I was entering the wrong bathroom because my pixie haircut looks like a man's cut!
  • PS - I use American Crew Forming Cream in my hair everyday and I love it! It allows me to style my hair how I like without making it too stiff. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this month's promotion!

  • It was also common for young Korean men to color their hair lighter shades of brunette. A very trendy hairstyle was a shaggy slanted rendition of an undercut and bowl cut.

  • My personal favorite hairstyle I saw in Korea was of a bartender I met. She had unusually short hair compared to most Korean women I met and I thought it suited her perfectly.

Running Businesses with Scissors

I am so excited to have Misha's report of hair trends in Korea.  Thank you Misha for your great reporting!  And I am super excited to be able to offer Shimmer by Framesi.

It's fun behind the chair and to keep that momentum going I know I must work on my business as well as in my business.

I recently joined a non-profit Working Solutions as a Business Consultant. I look forward to helping Working Solutions Salon clients grow and prosper in their businesses.

This month I will be doing my own mid year check in with my salon and consulting businesses.  Sort of like a Well Business Check.  I will create a check list and review all areas of my businesses so that I can enjoy the summer and prepare for the Fall.

I'll let you know how it goes...  

And if you need a tune up don't forget to contact me and we can see how your mid year Well Business Check checks out. You can reach me at 510-545-2955 or suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com.

"Keep an eye on your dream business before it becomes your worst nightmare.  The pace of the pack is the pace of the leader. You can do it and you don't have to do it alone"