Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's Never Too Late Too Learn Something or Try Something New

HairQueen News

This April I attended the Spring Style Hair show in San Jose, CA. It was fun to wander the exhibit halls, chat with colleagues from Framesi and to attend a hair color class on techniques for Balayage.  It's true you are never too old too learn and it's never too late to get out of a rut whether you are in or behind the chair. It is humbling, fun, and freeing to discover new ways to bring high-lights and low-lights to the wonderful heads of hair I am privileged to serve every day. 

Trends of the Season

It's officially Spring! That means it's time to sport those Spring trends!

Choppy Lob

A great laid-back look to pretend you just spent all day at the beach.  Great angled, tousled bobs with balayage.

Fringe Baby Bangs

A quick way to change up your look for the Spring season.  Nice bold color for bold fringes.

Icy Buzzcut

For the boldest of the bold, there's this look straight from the Spring 2016 fashion runway shows.  Love this close crop.

Product of the Month

For the month of May, enjoy a 10% discount on all hair brushes/combs/rollers and hot tools!

A good brush is good for your scalp and good for your hairstyle.

Velcro rollers and back.

A good dryer saves drying time

Let's talk brushes and combs next time I see you!

Question & Answer Corner


Is it true it can take hours to go from dark to light? Is that why it costs so much?


Yes it's true for both the time and the money.  Many beauty blogs and magazines are showing brunettes that are super light or have multi-colored hair such purple and blue.  These are looks that take several processes and lots of bowls of hair color and or bleach.  For virgin hair, it can be a faster process but for clients with previously coloured hair the service can take longer depending on how many levels of lift are needed to remove the artificial pigment.  Let's talk reality before you become a blond bombshell or a rainbow goddess.

Runs Businesses with Scissors

We made it through Tax Season--now what!  First take a breather and then take a look at your business through the eyes of your clients, employees and neighbors.  April is a good time to spring clean.  Here is an  check list to get you started:

  • If you have a store front, is it appealing?
  • Is your signage clean and visible?
  • Is the lobby, front desk clear of clutter?
  • Is your inventory up to date or dated?
  • Are the work areas free of dust and dullness?
  • Are you sporting a fresh cut and or color?
  • Are your services priced accordingly?
  • Do you have your promotions planned?
  • Do you have your time off planned?
  • Do you have goals for yourself and your team so you can call thrive?

Is this list overwhelming? Do you need help? Let's talk, call me to set up a time to tell me about your situation? Contact me at 510-545-2955 or to set up a consultation.

Client Corner

James Jordan

I have been working in the San Francisco Bay Area technology industry for almost twenty years.  My expertise comes from years of managing SEO projects for ad agencies, web companies, and small businesses.  My business can be found at

I have seen our local brick and mortar small businesses challenged by global businesses who take advantage of the internet to crowd out our community resources.

Believe it or not the playing field can be leveled.  BAY SEO knows a focused dedicated team of SEO professionals can get you the attention you deserve on the search engines.

I have assembled a behind the scenes team of writers, developers, marketers, and designers who will help us level that playing field.