Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Little Changes Hair and There

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as we approach the holiday season, it seems we are reminded everywhere of the importance to take time to reflect and say thanks for the blessings in our lives.

One of my practices is to do a daily action list, with an action partner.  We do this electronically, it helps us to both stay on task with our personal and professional goals.  This month I started adding three to four gratitude's at the end of my list.

This small change has added a delightful sense of happiness to my day.

The list looks something like this:


  • Good health
  • Great clients
  • Good tea
  • Friends and family

Trends of the Season

The holidays are also a great time to try something new with your hair. Updating your hair doesn't need to be dramatic. The trends for this holiday season show that little changes can have a big impact.


Since the start of fall, many celebrities have opted to update their look by chopping off a little bit of hair and adding bangs. Check out the before & after pictures:


Many celebrities who have been known for the long locks are now choosing to go for shorter cuts instead.

Product of the Month

This month, get 10% off on all shine hair products to help you achieve that perfect shine for your holiday hair.

  • BY Shine Mist Spray
  • BY Opulence
  • Framesi Argan Oil 

Balayage color

Problem of the Month


"I want to do something different but I don't want to cut much off" :).


"Mmmm, something different but don't cut much off, OK.  Here are some options, depending on the length of the hair, layers or bangs can be added, then there is color.  Peek-a-boo accents, high-lights or low-lights, a demi-color, balayage, etctera are just a few ways to go.  With color there are so many choices, talk to us the hairstylists, we can consult with you for a new and different look.

Runs Businesses with Scissors

Calling all Business Owners, Thanksgiving is not only a time to reflect on our personal lives, but also to reflect on our professional lives as well.
  • How has your business changed in the last year? 
  • What changes do you foresee for the year to come?
Now is the time to start planning for those foreseeable changes.

Just remember most plans need to be adjusted as time goes on.
  • What plans are you working on for the holiday season? 
  • How can they be adjusted and improved?

Never stop working to perfect your plan, when you do, the plan has a way of surprising you...

For help and guidance with running your business from behind-the-chair, the counter, the treatment room or the kitchen, give me a call and let's review your situation.

You can reach me via email at suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com or call me at 510-545-2955.