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Embracing Your Gray Hair with Style

Rise and shine in silver.

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Me and my low lights
Gone are the days when blonde, brunette and auburn tresses ruled. Today, the hot trend in hair color is au naturale gray. Sprinkled with variations from white to silver, more people are embracing their salt and pepper hair.

The decision to go gray is very personal. If you’ve been dying your salt and pepper hair and would like to return to your natural coloring, there are three things to consider: the transition process, the cut and the desired look.

The Transition Process
The process of applying lowlights to counter the dye or highlights that are present, is individual based on the client’s graying growth pattern, length of hair, final desired result and commitment to the process.

The Cut
Unless you are interested in cutting off all of the colored hair, a good cut during the transition process will be very important because a good cut can help your ends to look healthy, can help to disguise the grow out process and is easier to style.

The Look
Do you like your natural salt and pepper pattern? Do have a vision for how you want your hair to look? Once the transition is complete, you may decide that you want the gray dialed back, in which case lowlights would be added. You may have large strips of white that you want keep or you may want strips added.

Myself and a client Rosemary Mark, whom I worked with to transition her from all over color with highlights and lowlights were recently interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle about the two-year process we went through to help her return to gray.

Here are a few quotes by Rosemary,

“I applaud women who go gray. You have to have fortitude to do it. I still question whether I should be gray, but I am often stopped on the street, with people commenting on my hair and eye color.”

Wearing gray hair comfortably and gracefully may not be for everyone, but a positive attitude can bring beauty to any look.

“When I’m 60, I don’t know how I’ll feel about the gray when I’m all white. I want to embrace it, and I want it to be my look, but I still have to feel good about it,” says Rosemary.

Rosemary recommended me to the SF reporter because I had helped her transition gracefully.  I really enjoyed talking to Sophia Markoulakis and I am thrilled with the article.

If you would like to grow out your highlights, return to your natural gray or enhance your current gray, please give me call and lets schedule a consultation.

Julie gives up all over color

Follow this blog as I transition my client Julie from all over color back to her natural color with hints of grey.

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You may wonder how I was able to obtain an interview with the SF Chronicle.  In this case it was truly a personal connection. Years ago I was advised, "relationships first, result second".  Turns out this was good advice.  I have both a personal and professional relationship with Rosemary Mark.  You may wonder how to navigate the client, friend relationship, this is just one of the roads I have traveled in my professional salon career.  

Give me a call if you would like to know more.  Business owners have many questions and a good one to ask is how do I do that?

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