Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let's Hear it For the Boys!

Story of the Month - Men's Hair 

Last month I honored my mum and my salon client mom’s, so this month it is only fitting that this month I share with you something very important to me…hairstyling men! Actually, I want to answer a question I get so often from both male and female clients, which is, “What is the difference between a barber and a hairstylist? And which one should I (my husband/boyfriend) go to?”

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether to go to a barber or to a salon and see a hairstylist. Here is a quick breakdown to help you in this tricky decision.

You should go to a barber if: 

  •  you want a short, traditional cut (i.e. buzz cut, flat top, fade, military style trim)
  • you’re on a budget, barbers are typically less expensive than hairstylists
  • you want a simple style that doesn’t require a lot of product, has a natural look
  • you want a shave…most upscale barbers offer hot lather face shaves
  • you don’t want a change, barbers will typically ask what you want and provide you that same service each time

You should go to a salon/hairstylist if: 

  • you're going longer, stylist have more experience cutting and styling longer men’s hair
  • you want color, typically barbers don’t provide any coloring services
  • you're looking for a more fashion forward style, hairstylists tend to stay up on the latest trends more so than barbers
  • you want a change. During the consultation, a stylist will often make suggestions for a style that will flatter your features better.
  • you need/want product. Salons frequently carry a greater selection of hairstyling products than barbershops. Stylists are more likely to be well-trained on the types and use of the products as well.

Of course, these are generalized bullets and don’t apply to each and every situation, but these guidelines should be able to help you or your male counterpart in deciding the best place to go to get the best look for you/them. If you are looking for a hairstylist, I’m very skilled in cutting and styling male hair so please let me know if you have a friend or male partner who would like to make an appointment.

Hair Queen News

Some of you may not know about my experience with styling and coloring mens hair but I've had several male clients for several years, some over 20 years. They are a great group of men and I'm proud and honored they continue to trust me with their hair. Here are a few gentlemen that were kind enough to send me testimonials to share with you.

"Suzanne's the only one who gets it right every time.  When once or twice I snuck behind her back to another chair, it looked like Holy Heck* less than three weeks later!” ~Chuck Rosene

“I have been a client of Suzanne's since her daughter was a little girl. Ottilia has now graduated from college.  My hair has changed in the passing years, but Suzanne's talent with cut and color has kept me looking great.” ~ Dirk Epperson

"For nearly twenty years now, I have had confidence in how my hair looks.  I know I can trust Suzanne to handle my cut and color with both subtlety and style" ~ John Russo (pictured right)

Cheers to the men out there especially my Dad clients! Happy Father's Day to all! 

Runs Businesses with Scissors 

May was graduation month and it got me thinking about education and how time and time again, it has been my commitment to educate and improve both my business knowhow and my skills in the art of hairdressing that reignited my passion and confidence time and time again.

For business improvement and success I worked with salon industry coaches and consultants. Their advice and guidance challenged me and helped me make smart, informed business decisions.  On the creative side I have attended numerous advanced classes at hair shows and academies here and abroad. Finding the time to commit to education and making the financial commitment has paid off immeasurably for my career and business.

Last year my coach and I worked on my plan for my boutique salons in the Swans Market.  Our vision was for me to have a studio where I could see both my hair clients and my consulting clients in a comfortable environment. What is your latest vision for your business?  I would love to help you make your dreams come to true.  Do you want to grow your business, downsize, or diversify?

Let’s make a plan together. Please visit my website or email me directly at