Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is Your Vision 20/20?

Can you believe that it is March already? I love the rain we've been getting lately and hope it continues. I also hope you are all doing well and getting ready for warm weather!

Story of the Month


Like many of you, on Sunday night I was watching the Oscars patiently anticipating the results. In Matthew McConaugheys’ Oscars acceptance speech he talked about “something to chase” and explained that the vision of himself in ten years is his hero, that’s his goal. Now at first some might think that is a bit egocentric, but after thinking about it, I really got to thinking that it is true. I don’t want to be the same person in ten years as I am today. I want to continue to evolve, change, and embrace life both personally and professionally. So applying this same thought to your own business, career, or personal life is something to think about. To continue to strive to a better version of yourself is a great way to keep your priorities in line and a clear path to success. 

Hair Queen News 

So with that in mind, I would like to challenge you to look forward, to create a vision for yourself, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, I want to challenge you to create and achieve your vision.

As your hairstylist I’m happy to play a small role in this if you would like. One thing that I have embraced with my vision of my physical self is my greying hair. I was watching the documentary, About Face: Supermodels Then and Now, on HBO, and one of the models simply said, “We forget that aging is a privilege, not everyone gets to do it.”

This quote struck a chord with me instantly. It is such a simple, yet profound statement. Part of that aging process is grey hair and that it shows maturity, experience, and reflects the privilege of aging. Now of course with the help of my fabulous Framesi Coconut Oil Based Hair Color and my expertise we can slow your grey’s down a bit by adding lo-lites, (this is the secret to my salt and pepper locks)! If you would like help embracing your grey just let me know. I’m an expert in that area!

 Runs Businesses With Scissors 

I was recently featured in an online article for Intuit, where I gave advice to young business owners, check out the article here. I'm very excited about the exposure and loved the processes of sharing my ideas. Increasing my marketing and getting my name out there as a business consultant is part of the vision I am working towards. I hope you each are getting closer to your vision every day.